Philosophy for Children Resources

Austrian Center for Philosophy with Children and Youth
Information about the center, events, bibliography and general Philosophy for Children information.

Challenging Learning
Introductory and advanced courses in philosophy for children, to develop effective thinking. Programs in creative, critical and early years thinking. UK.

Childhood and Philosophy
Journal of the International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children. Articles in different languages in pdf format.
Set up by practising teachers in order to provide support and training in the area of Philosophy with Children (PWC) coordinating a range of courses and systems of mentoring and support for teachers and students. Provides a lot of information on PWC including a printable brochure.

Dialogue Works
the process of careful listening, questioning and thinking in conversation. Publications, consultancy, training and web resources on dialogue.

Federation of Australasian Philosophy for Children Associations
FAPCA is the umbrella organisation for Philosophy for Children in Australia and New Zealand. Information on the P4C project and resources.

Filosofía para Niños
Argentina center for Philosophy for Children. The English part of the site contains a description of the program, the activities of the center and information about the curriculum.

ICPIC - International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children
Aims to strengthen communications among those in different parts of the world who are engaged in philosophical inquiry with children. General information, news, award, journal, overviews of conferences all over the world and links.

Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children (IAPC)
From Montclair State University. Information on goals and principles behind philosophy for children. Provides a complete curriculum in elementary and secondary school philosophy.

Kids Philosophy Slam
National and International academic competition. Kids participate in creative writing, philosophy, and art contests with students from around the world.

North American Associacion for Community of Inquiry
Information about conferences, P4C programs and a growing collection of links to sites about philosophy for children.

Northwest Center for Philosophy for Children
profit organization that brings philosophy into the lives of young people through programs in elementary, middle, and high schools, parent organizations, and other organizations serving young people, with a particular emphasis on reaching children who are at risk and educationally disadvantaged.

P4C - New Zealand
Organisation dedicated to involving children in a philosophical 'community of enquiry'. Contains downloadable lesson plans, contact details, events calendar, newsletter and joining information.

Philosophers and Critical Thinkers in Senior Schools
Resources for teachers and children to develop and programmes of critical thinking and philosophy.

Philosophy for Kids
Information and material on children's philosophy or teaching discussions for teaching philosophy to young children through discussions of children's literature. Wiki.

Philosophy For Kids
Materials to use in doing philosophy with children, with the emphasis on story resources.

Philosophy in the Schools
Philosophy for Children Program (P4C) in Hawai. Resources, articles and brulletins on the P4C project.

Philosophy with Children and Youth
Norwegian based organisation that promotes P4C. Information and resources on concepts like justice, knowledge, truth, responsibility, suffering, identity and freedom.


European Foundation for the Advancement of Doing Philosophy with Children. Open organisation for teachers and philosophers. Information channel and gateway to Sophia Nebed, a web environment for members.

Steve Bramall Associates
Education and training services and resources for philosophy for children in the UK.

Teaching your child philosophy
Dialogues on truth, competition, ethics and logic intended for education of children.

Tuckswood Community First School
Interactive information with thoughts and ideas from children on philosophical themes and information on their school.

Victorian Association for Philosophy in Schools (VAPS)
Promotes and supports the teaching of philosophy in schools in Victoria (Australia) with events, recourses and programs.

What is Philosophy for Children?
The goal has nothing to do with trying to convert children and teenagers into professional philosophers, but instead, its aim is to develop and preserve their critical, creative and caring thinking and attitude. Information on this international movement. By Stella Accorinti.

Yahoo! Groups : Philosophy for Children
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