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Collezione F.A.O. - Progetti di Sviluppo Agricolo e Forestale Sostenibili - Roma - Anno 2007. - F.A.O. Collection - Sustainable Agricultural and Forestry Projects - Rome (Italy) 2007.

Chinese_nationall_forestry_projects (Download .ppt format)
Experiencias_sobre_Planes_de_Manejo_Sostenible_en_Guatemala (Download .ppt format)
8_CBED_and_tax_revenue_SEXTA_FEIRA_12_Março_2007 (Download .ppt format)
Presentation_OECD_Forest_at_FAO_March07 (Download .ppt format)
4_MarketproyectsURU DEFI (Download .ppt format)
5_PINFOR (Download .ppt format)
6_COFO_IMFNS (Download .ppt format)
2_CF_for_18thCOFO_NARUN (Download .ppt format)
3_VERIFORCOFO2b (Download .ppt format)

More Resources

Sustainability: Agroforestry (The Alternatives to Slash-and-Burn Programme, Citizens for Responsible Forest Management and more resources on the forest conservation)
Sviluppo Sostenibile (Download Presentazioni PowerPoint)
Sustainable Agriculture (Download PowerPoint Presentations)
Video on Sustainable Agricultural
Video sullo Sviluppo Sostenibile
Video-Inchiesta di Report su Clima e Agricoltura

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