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    • BETA - - Growing article, with links to many related topics. [Wikipedia.
    • BETA - - Official page: descriptions, FAQ, downloads, newsgroups, archive, tutorials, teaching experiences, papers, research, related topics, links. [University of Aarhus, Denmark.
    • Beta Language Introduction - - Mjølner Informatics Report.
    • Cetus Links: BETA - - Information about BETA.
    • gbeta - - Generalization of BETA language via interpreter/compiler, strict, static type-checked. Ph.D. project. Descriptions of modularization, lazy analysis, compatibility; tutorial, papers, FAQ, downloads, bug reports. [Open Source, GPL.
    • MetaBeta Project - - Goal: design, implement meta-level interface for statically typed, compiled language BETA, to extend expressiveness of language so programs can be written for it, not just in it. Functionality depending on a language implementation is impossible or very hard to express in most languages.
    • Mjølner System - - An Object-Oriented multi-platform rapid application development environment.
    • Overview of the BETA Programming Language - - article by Ole Lehrmann Madsen.


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