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  • -  .
  • - Repository for information on the lazy functional programming language Haskell: Descriptions, documents, history, news, HaWiki, software (libraries, tools), humor, merchandise, and links.

  • Haskell API Search - - Search engine for the Haskell standard libraries (Prelude, List, Array, etc). Search by function name, or type signature. Gives examples and overviews of many functions.
  • Hello, World Program - - What Hello World in Haskell looks like.
  • Wikipedia: Haskell Programming Language - - Online encyclopedia article.
  • Why Haskell? - - Why learn Haskell? What is good about the pure functional programming model as exemplified by Haskell? ScienceBlogs LLC; Good Math, Bad Math. (November 26, 2006)


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