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    • A Brief History of Pascal - - Article describes basic developments of Algol, Pascal, Modula-2, Simula, Smalltalk, Cedar, Oberon, Component Pascal, BlackBox Component Builder. By Oberon Microsystems, Inc.
    • Khaan's Place - - Source code, tutorial, chat room, help page, and links to pages about Turbo Pascal.
    • Klaus Hartnegg Pascal Page - - Information about solving Runtime error 200 in Borland Pascal and breaking the 64KB limit. Also source code, mostly interfaces with hardware.
    • Pascal Central - - Technical information, source code, forums and links. Focuses on the Macintosh development platform, but includes some good information about Pascal in general.
    • Pascal History - - Brief account of birth, life, and death of Pascal language.
    • Pascal in the Workplace Forum - - Technical support forums and mutual help system for programmers. [Tek-Tips.
    • Pascal Starting Page - - A good starting point for information about Pascal. Links to FAQs, random-number routines, and optimization, as well as information specific to the Turbo Pascal compiler.
    • paxPascal - - Implements a subset of Object Pascal and extends it with a few extra features, including namespaces, dynamic record and array types, inheritance for record types. It's one of the languages of the paxScript scripting engine which allows the cross-language integration.
    • Programmers Heaven - Pascal programming zone - - Sourcecode, articles and discussionboards.
    • Turbo Pascal Programmers Page - - A collection of links to tutorials, web sites, books, source code, newsgroups.


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