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    • AllSchools - - A searchable school directory that lists the name, address, phone, fax, email and web address for more than 4,000 schools.
    • Annenberg Media - - Offers free teacher professional development, resources, and activities.
    • Archaeology Library - - The World-Wide Web Virtual Library for Archaeology. Lists educational resources related to archeology.
    • A+TeacherPlace - - Links to 1500 curriculum, professional development, and educational technology resources on the Internet.
    • Awesome Library - - Directory of select online resources relating to education. Separate entry pages for teachers, kids, teens, parents, and librarians. Includes a search engine.
    • College Directory Network - - Allows prospective students to identify, research, and request information from a large database of post-secondary educational opportunities.
    • The Copernicus Education Gateway - - Online directory of websites offering educational resources.
    • Discovery School's Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - - Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators is a categorized list of sites useful for enhancing curriculum and professional growth. Includes popular sites for teaching and learning.
    • Dr. Brain's Laboratory - - Directory of educational websites and programs with brief reviews.
    • Early Childhood Links - - Links in early childhood for childcare providers, homeschoolers, Montessorians, parents, and teachers.
    • The Education Center - - K-12 education resources for students and teachers.
    • Education Library, University of Florida - - Includes links to key databases and research guides. Subjects covered include a variety of areas such as educational psychology, educational technology, and art education.
    • Education Library, University of Virginia - - A virtual library for educational resources. Includes online resources related to research, books, technology, and several educational and science related subjects.
    • Education Planet - - Helps teachers, students and parents find a wide variety of the educational resources available on the web.
    • Education World - - A resource which includes a search engine for thousands of educational resources.
    • Educational CyberPlayGround - - Directory of educational resources and links related to curriculum, arts, technology, and teachers.
    • Educational resource for teachers, directory and links. - - Educational resources to support classroom and projects.
    • Educational Web Portal - - Contains listings of websites for teachers at every level and discipline.
    • The Educator's Reference Desk - - Access AskERIC's 2,000+ lesson plans, 3,000+ links to online education information, and 200+ question archive responses.
    • - - A portal covering education, news, careers, and school issues. Searchable directory of 20 million educational webpages.
    • EduHound - - Directory of education-related sites.
    • EduHound Schools on the Web - - Listings of US schools, districts, private and public K-12 schools online featuring listings by state, city or town and grade level.
    • Edulinks - - Provides links to major British educational and governmental web sites. For teachers, parents, and students.
    • Eduseek - - Searchable database of educational websites ranked by appropriate age.
    • English Help for High School Students - - Aims to help high school English students with their work.
    • The Exploratorium's Ten Cool Sites - - Rates science, art, and education sites on the web.
    • Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - - Thirty federal agencies providing educational resources including lesson plans for all subjects and research support for homework assignments. Link to specific units of study or access the user friendly search engine.
    • Floyd Ingram's Resources Center - - Links to K-12, higher education and including distance learning sites.
    • Free Worksheets and Educational Resources - - Index to free worksheets and educational resources on the Internet; articles on accelerated learning, free reading system, website building guide; and projects helping disadvantaged children across the world.
    • FreeSeminars - - Provides seminar listings, continuing education courses, and web based training.
    • Gigglepotz - - Provides information and directory of free resources for teachers, students, and parents.
    • The Global Schoolhouse - - Links kids, teachers and parents around the world. It has an impressive registry of international projects as well as teacher resources.
    • Harcourt - - Offers online access to lesson plans and teacher resources for educators teaching grades K-12. Parents can use the educational resources to provide help with homework for their children.
    • Im4kidz - - Provides links to resources for use in the classroom and at home, including lesson plans, freebies, and projects.
    • International Education Media - - A directory of universities, colleges, and schools worldwide.
    • Internet Colleges - - Includes online college rankings, scholarship and loan resources and lists of online colleges by state/country.
    • Internet Public Library: Education - - Provides categorical lists of online educational resources on several subjects such as adult education, higher education, K-12 education, international education and vocational education.
    • Internet Schoolhouse - - A collection of educational resources on the Internet.
    • Internet Scout Project - - Librarians and educators do the filtering for you, read the announcements each week looking for the online resources to the education community.
    • - - Directory with web sites about education emphasizing a Jewish-Israel perspective.
    • Knowledge Hound - - Directory of how-to links, from cooking to programming to sports.
    • Language Resources - - Linguistics directory. Includes resources related to languages and language education, as well as contemporary linguistics.
    • The Lighthouse for Education - - Education information for schools, teachers, pupils with links to educational web sites.
    • Student Resources - - Links to notes and solved problems for a wide range of academic subjects for college and high school students.
    • MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching) - - A free and open resource designed primarily for faculty and students of higher education. Links to online learning materials are collected here along with annotations such as peer reviews and assignments.
    • Mrs. Mitchell's Virtual School - - Categorized Internet resources for kids', teachers', and classroom use. Sites listed by subject and grade. Also articles on computer technology in the classroom and summer reading lists.
    • National Center for Education Statistics: Kids' Classroom - - Directories of schools, colleges, and libraries. Games, tools, multimedia, and a kids magazine.
    • National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities - - Information resources for people who plan, design, build, and maintain K-12 schools. Provided by the U.S. Department of Education.
    • New Horizons for Learning - - Presents articles and information on special issues in education, from restructuring schools to technology and adult education.
    • New South Wales Higher School Certificate Online - - An information network that serves the Higher School Certificate (K12) needs of students, teachers, schools and subject associations.
    • Nicholas Johnson - - Former FCC Commissioner and law professor provides documents and links on K-12 education and legal education.
    • Pacific Bell Knowledge Network Explorer - - Supports education by helping schools, libraries, and colleges acquire and effectively use Internet and videoconferencing technology.
    • Paperary Library - - An open digital library. Contains thousands of papers on various issues such as science and education. Papers are in .doc format, and are sent to an e-mail address users provide.
    • Philosophy Virtual Library - - Includes resources on philosophy and its subfields, as well as several philosophers.
    • Pune Education - - One stop resource of educational institutes, colleges, schools, organisations and classes in Pune.
    • Quickdirections - - Resources of colleges and universities for students, learning center.
    • Reach Every Child - - Resources for teachers and students.
    • Revisiontime - - Free-to-use education portal for students, parents and teachers.
    • - - Hundreds of categorized links to subject-material and professional educators' resources.
    • SCORE - - Web-based classroom resources in history, math, language arts, and social studies from Schools of California including literature guides for many K-12 titles.
    • Searcs Web Guide to Irish Studies - - Online Irish resources-choose your topic.
    • Sites For Teachers - - Numerous links to educational Web site. Ratings are recalculated every hour.
    • Spartacus Guide - - A collection of reviews of good educational websites under subject headings: English, Geography, History, Science and Media Studies.
    • Stephen Carr's Education and Fun Index - - Large index of education resources: math, science, fun, and educational; woman in math, jobs that use math, jokes, Internet bumper stickers.
    • - - A U.S. government interagency portal that provides students with a single point of access to useful services, resources, and information, both government and non-government, available online to college students and their families.
    • Study SA - - Study South Africa is the only comprehensive guide to South Africa's changing higher education system, published by IEASA in association with HESA.
    • StudyWeb - - A Web research resource, summarizing thousands of sites useful to both educators and students of all grade levels, in an easy-to-use, organized directory.
    • Surfaquarium - - Educational resources for teachers, students and parents provided by a veteran educator.
    • Teach & Learn - - Provides links for teachers and students.
    • Teach the Children Well - - Directory of sites for educators based on the curriculum for kindergarten through fourth grade.
    • Teacher Links - - Provides links to several websites of interest to teachers in various fields such as science, math and English. Also provides links for classroom use.
    • Teacher TidBytes - - Internet resources based upon classroom curriculum, kids pages, student-teacher tutorials, web-integrated lesson plan.
    • Teachers@work - - Reviewed websites for teachers, school policies, critical thinking skills and network architecture.
    • Teaching and Learning on the Web - - A large, dynamic, searchable collection of web sites that are used for learning. Provided by Maricopa Community Colleges.
    • - - Daily tips and creative ideas for busy teachers. Website includes lesson plans, teacher-to-teacher resources and education mailing lists.
    • TEAMS Distance Learning - - Provides elementary and middle school teachers support in the areas of content mastery, skill enhancement, and instructional modeling for K12 Educators.
    • Topmarks Education - - Educational search engine aimed at teachers, pupils and parents.
    • TrackStar - - Helps instructors organize and annotate Web sites for use in lessons.
    • UBC Education Library - - UBC's virtual education library. Provides a database of websites on classroom resources, research resources, essential education contacts and educational guides.
    • The Virtual Schoolhouse - - Resources for teachers and administrators.
    • WannaLearn - - Collection of free online tutorials, guides and instructionally oriented sites.
    • Wellington Academy - - Links to homework help sites, encyclopedias, and reference sites.
    • WorldInfoZone - - Original content on over 60 areas of the world with thousands of checked links covering every area of the school curriculum.
    • WorldWide Classroom - - Intercultural and educational programs around the world including university study, adult enrichment, language immersion, teen camps, volunteerism, internships, cultural, craft and heritage programs. Searchable by country, interest, and in six languages.
    • WWW Virtual Library Women's History - - Provides educational resources on women's history. Resources are listed by country, and by chronological and alphabetical order.
    • Yahoo! Education - - Online dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, test preparation, homework help, plus educational resources for K-12, college, graduate school and distance learning, and information about schools, colleges, college admissions, and student loans.


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