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      • Andrew's Moss Site - - Photographs of mosses and a key to identifying the mosses and liverworts of northwest Europe.
      • - - Information on current research on the bryophyte flora of continental southern Italy and Albania.
      • Bryophyte - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - - The bryophytes are those land plants that have tissues and enclosed reproductive systems but lack vascular tissue that circulates liquids. They neither flower nor produce seeds but reproduce via spores.
      • Bryophyte Classification - - Provides diagrams showing the relationships between the major lineages of green algae and land plants.
      • Bryophyte Index - - Images of bryophytes and their characteristics.
      • Bryophyte Specialist Group - - The world conservation union and Species Survival Commission. Includes the red list of approximately 92 endangered bryophytes.
      • Bryophytes - - Information about bryophytes, their importance, how to identify them and checklists for Hong Kong.
      • Bryophytes - - An introduction.
      • Bryophytes - - Contains a PDF file describing mosses, liverworts and hornworts.
      • Bryophytes - - Description of the vegetative features common to many bryophytes with photographic images of sections and samples under the microscope.
      • Bryophytes - - Bryology at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh.
      • Mosses and Allies - - Photographs and information on the mosses, liverworts and hornworts.
      • Mosses and Liverworts in Wales - - Produced by a member of the Countryside Council for Wales, this site gives an overview of what byophytes are, the habitats where they can be found in Wales and their conservatio.
      • Mosses and Liverworts, Simple Plants? - - Article by Jan Parmentier on these plants and their reproductive structures, with photomicrographs.
      • Mosses and Liverworts to Know in the Field - - Provides a list, with photographs, of some very common mosses and liverworts found throughout much of the southeastern United States.
      • SUMO: Non Flowering Plants - - Definitions of some of the specialized terminology used in describing flowerless plants.
      • Survey of the Bryophytes of Arable Land - - Information on this project undertaken by the British Bryological Society.
      • Wild About Britain: Flowerless Plants - - Provides a gallery of photographs of mosses, liverworts, ferns and horsetails.
      • The World's Most Endangered Bryophytes - - A list of the most endangered mosses and liverworts, with descriptions of their habitats and the last known localities.


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