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    • The Enigmatic Plant, Parka decipiens - - Provides images and information about the fossilised remains of this plant from the Late Silurian and the Early Devonian. Parka is not completely understood and its systematic place is unclear. the systematic place of which is uncertain.
    • Ginkgo biloba: Fossils - - Provides information on this tree, several species of which date back to the Jurassic and Cretaceous, with images of fossil leaves and wood.
    • Living Fossils: Ginkgo biloba - - Article, with photographs and diagrams, about Ginkgo biloba, the sole living member of a once flourishing plant group, the Ginkgoales, which can be traced back to the early Permian.
    • Neuropteris attenuata - - The leaf of the seed fern tree Neuropteri.
    • Pteridosperms: Carboniferous Seed Ferns - - Article by Professor Ralph E. Taggart on this fossil plant group from the Carboniferous that bore fern-like foliage but had an advanced, seed-type reproductive system.
    • Spermatopsida - - Taxonomy of the seed plants.
    • Wattieza is World's Oldest Tree - - Article from Cosmos on the discovery of a complete fossil of the world's oldest tree, a primitive 380-million-year-old plant resembling a modern palm or tree fern.


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