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    • Armageddon Online - - Notes, news and links on destructive forces of the universe from volcanoes, tsunamis, plagues and nuclear weapons on Earth to stars collapsing and exploding into hypernovae across the galaxy.
    • Exit Mundi - - A variety of apocalypses: meteors, black holes, technological disasters, weird physical phenomena, religious writings, robots, and aliens.
    • Let's Save the Future - - A critical situation, arising due to a rapid development of the natural sciences, creation of powerful means of destruction and the use of ancient, military methods of resolving conflicts, is considered.
    • Possible Future Global Catastrophes - - This survey considers earthquake, pandemic, alien aggression, interplanetary impact, supernova, ice age, nuclear catastrophe, bioterror, and nanotech robot aggression.
    • Tsunami Project - - The powerful earthquake and tsunami that hit Asia on December 26, 2004 was not the last in the masterminded sequence. The location of the next, and the final one is known. What we are still looking for, is only the date of this event.
    • WWW Bomb Shelter - - Virtual "bomb shelter," based on instructions from Soviet Union Cold-War-era pamphlets, offers information on preparing for nuclear attacks, as well as histories and descriptions of various nuclear weapons.
    • Challenges of Nanotechnology Misuse Cited in Leslie's 'The End of the World' - - From the Foresight Institute (which specialises in nanotechnology). (September 15, 1996)


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