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      • Access Human Rights - - A portal to human rights resources on the net, including news, government bodies, law, and treaties.
      • Anita Roddick - - The founder of the Body Shop reports and comments on activism, ethical business, human rights and environmentalism in a global perspective.
      • Artists for a New South Africa - - ANSA is a non-profit organization founded and supported by artists, activists and others dedicated to furthering democracy and equality in South Africa and civil rights in the U.S.
      • - - Encompasses the full range of data concerning the application of the UN human rights treaty system by its monitoring treaty bodies since their inauguration.
      • Benjamin L. Hooks Institute for Social Change - - A research center dedicated to advancing the understanding and pursuing the goals of the American civil rights movement.
      • Bodhi Journal Human Rights - - A collection of links, news and information on human rights with an emphasis on Tibet.
      • The Business of Torture - - Article by Dr. Sam Vaknin describes some examples of the business of torture in various countries.
      • The Center for Justice and Accountability - - Works to deter torture and other severe human rights abuses around the world by helping survivors hold their persecutors accountable.
      • Civil Liberties - - From - Columns, link libraries, polls, and discussions about personal liberty issues.
      • ColorQ Human Rights Corner - - Features stories and links on worldwide human rights violations, particularly issues that receive little attention from the Western media.
      • Commission on Human Security - - Two broad areas of research and related consultative processes inform the Commission's deliberations: human insecurities resulting from conflict and violence; and the links between human security and development.
      • Comparative Democratization Project, Stanford - Human Rights - - Links to Internet resources on human rights.
      • Concise Guide to Human Rights on the Internet - - Resource for finding information about human rights on the internet. Links to organizations worldwide addressing human rights issues.
      • Conectas - - International organization, based in Sao Paolo, Brazil, conducting research and legal action related to human rights in the Global South. [English/Portuguese.
      • Derechos Cafe - A Human Rights Hangout - - News, articles, links and chat groups about human rights issues.
      • Development Gateway Youth Portal - - Brings young people together to interactively discuss the environment, Youth in Conflict, HIV AIDS, and other development topics. Links to articles on youth and human rights.
      • Directory of Human Rights Resources on the Internet - - Compiled by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Includes brief descriptions of organizations and contact information.
      • Earth As It Is - - Features political, censorship and human rights news from around the world.
      • For the Record: The UN Human Rights System - - Country-by-country summary of the work of UN human rights mechanisms.
      • Freedom Magazine: In Support of Human Rights - - Explores the role of investigative reporting in restoring human rights.
      • Friends of People Close to Nature - - Network of individuals and groups concerned with the survival of savage tribal peoples, in particular hunter-gatherers.
      • Gendercide Watch - - Confronts gender-selective atrocities against men and women worldwide. Includes a growing database of historical and contemporary case-studies of gendercide, research materials, and up-to-date media coverage.
      • Global Witness homepage - - Highlighting the links between environmental exploitation and human rights abuses, particularly where natural resources such as timber, diamonds and oil are used to fund conflict.
      • - - Provides an overview of individual rights, including parent, student, cyber, property and privacy rights.
      • Human and Constitutional Rights - - Includes constitutional rights charts, links to human rights and constitutional rights websites, news, and resources.
      • Human Rights & Human Welfare: An International Review - - An international review of books and other publications in the area of global human rights. Published at the Graduate School of International Studies, University of Denver.
      • Human Rights Discussion List - - Active mail list and discussion on subject. Bilingual, English y EspaƱol.
      • Human Rights Education Resource Centre - - Includes searchable databases, full-text education and training materials and interactive distance learning tools on human rights.
      • Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems - - HURIDOCS is a global network of organisations concerned with human rights. Functions as a decentralised network in which organisations can handle and exchange information according to their own requirements.
      • Human Rights Internet - - Provides human rights publications, information on children's rights and the UN human rights system, and listing of human rights organizations worldwide.
      • Human Rights Reporting - - Information about an annual seminar at Columbia University surveying the cutting-edge issues in promoting human rights, with a focus on reporting techniques.
      • Human Rights Voice - - Non profit organization involved in the sphere of international human rights, global security, economic development, economic justice and international justice, business and economic rights, and conflict resolution.
      • Human Rights Watch - World Report 2001 - - Human Rights Watch's eleventh annual review of human rights practices around the globe covers developments in 70 countries. The report reflects extensive investigative work.
      • Human Rights Watch - World Report 2002 - - Twelfth annual review of human rights practices and developments in sixty-six countries, covering the period from November 2000 through November 2001.
      • Human Rights Watch - World Report 2003 - - Thirteenth annual review of human rights practices around the globe. Identifies positive and negative trends within the sphere of human rights in fifty-eight countries, covering the period from November 2001 through November 2002.
      • The Human Rights Web - - Human rights resources including links to relevant documents.
      • Humanlex - - Categorised links related to the field of international law and international human rights law. In English and French.
      • - - Discusses value of human rights and whether or not governments have the moral right to violate them in defence of human lives.
      • The International Association for Religious Freedom - - Supports freedom of religion and belief as defined by international law. The IARF has general consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.
      • International Human Rights: The Pursuit of an Ideal - - The goal of this site is to present an objective view of human rights. Topics that have been researched include the history of human rights and the pioneers responsible for it, and issues germane to the topic.
      • International Network for Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights - - ESCR-Net brings together diverse groups and activists committed to human rights and social justice in order to share information and strategies, establish stronger links across border and disciplines, develop a collective voice, and facilitate collaborative work among members.
      • Look Into My I :The Freedom Paintings - - Rebecca Barrington's plea for privacy in the public sector. Eight powerful freedom paintings from the LuLu Eccentrix Art Gallery depicting the loss of freedom.
      • Martus Project - - An open-source technology tool that assists nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) collect information on human rights abuses.
      • The Observer - Special Reports: Liberty Watch - - Covers international events and issues about balancing civil liberties and security, featuring an ongoing collection of news, analysis and comment.
      • Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights [UNHCHR] - - Oversees major programs in protecting human rights and implementing international rights agreements. Includes activities, publications and media centre.
      • The Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law - - An independent academic institution based in Lund, Sweden, which promotes human rights. Information about research and education, development cooperation projects and publications.
      • Rights Advocates - - An interactive medium for expression of breaches of human rights. Also information and advice on human rights can be found here.
      • Strategic Choices in the Design of Truth Commissions - - Site seeks to aid decision makers in societies interested in establishing a Truth Commission via analysis of the structure, design choices, and impacts of past Commissions.
      • Suite101 - Human Rights Law and Issues - - A site of passion on human rights law and issues, as well as humanity for all mankind. Various concepts of human rights law and issues, and country-specific insider views on specific incidents.
      • Suite101 - International Human Rights Respect - - Articles and resources for individuals concerned and interested in all aspects of human rights.
      • 8th Day Center for Social Justice - - A multi-issue, social justice center supported and staffed by 30 congregations of nuns, priests and brothers which promotes analysis and action.
      • Torture by Proxy - - Karen L. Snell,a specialist in constitutional litigation and international extradition, comments on Kenneth Starr's comments in The Washington Post suggesting the U.S. should cast aside traditional civil liberties in the fight against terrorism.
      • United Human Rights Council - - Works toward correcting the human rights violations of those governments who distort, deny, and delude their own history to disguise genocides, massacres, and human rights violations. Includes sections on various cases.
      • United Nations Agreements on Human Rights - - Summary page with links to full document.
      • United Nations Human Rights Day 10 December 2005 - - Official site includes calendar of events, messages, information on the World Programme for Human Rights, documents and information on past observances.
      • University of Minnesota Human Rights Meta Search Engine - - Meta search engine for searching multiple human rights sites. Library includes a large collection of international human rights, and links to other human rights and international law sites.
      • U.S. Department of State - Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor: Human Rights - - Provides reports on country conditions, speeches and votes in the UN, and asylum profiles; accountability and reform efforts; partnerships with organizations, governments, and multilateral institutions committed to human rights.
      • White Rose - - Protest weblog collective focusing on civil liberties in the United Kingdom and the rest of world.
      • World Audit of Democracy and Human Rights - - Focus is on democracy, human rights, press freedom, corruption and the rule of law. Daily news on democracy and human rights, links and e-commerce facilities for human rights publications.
      • The United States and 'The Challenge of Relativity' - - Review by US political dissident Noam Chomsky of the United States' own appalling record on human rights - not in the distant past, but in the last 50 years and continuing right up to this day. (August, 1997)


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