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New iPad Pro 10.5 review
   The Verge
  Published: 2 weeks ago


There's a new iPad Pro at an all-new size, 10.5 inches. It has a bigger screen, but it's faster too. Can it replace your laptop yet? Subscribe:

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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 hours ago
When iOS 11 comes, I'm gonna cry.

Was wondering if I should get this or a Wacom for my Surface Book with Performance Base. I think I'm going to go with this baby.

18 hours ago
how are people getting the black iPad pro and apple only sells the white one?

20 hours ago
So, why does this thing still have a headphone jack? And where is 3D Touch?

I guess Apple lacked the "courage" with this one.

2 days ago
so almost £800 you can build a pretty good PC and buy a decent laptop

2 days ago
Another horrible Verge review, apple queers over there. Thank god their site lost its luster.

2 days ago

2 days ago
I don't know about these iPads anymore. I always buy one, I would love it, love it, then after a month, it would just become a glorified kindle, and I'm back to my MacBook. :(

3 days ago
I think that Apple wants to exterminate all other iPads and tell them to buy the iPad Pro

3 days ago
Thanks for the thorough review Dieter! Helps to know the differences from the old iPad Pro and the new one. A few things to add, coming from a Creative point of view, firstly to think whether the iPad Pro is going to replace our computer (e.g. MacBook, Mac Pro, iMac) is not the question, neither should it replace a Windows PC or laptop with a US$650. They have their places in a production workflow. When we use mobile creative apps, e.g. Adobe Capture CC, Adobe Spark Page, Adobe Illustrator Draw and many other great ones from other brands, the question would immediately be how much productivity and high performance work can you AFFORD to STOP doing while you're travelling. With better performance, iPad Pro clearly differentiates itself from the iPhone, and more capable apps will come along, especially enabling design in AR. Only speaking for the creative, i know that the mobile apps are doing what we can't instantly with computers, such as snapping a picture on the go (with Adobe Capture) and letting the app converts it into a scalable vector graphic, patterns or color themes for design, ideation, planning etc. With the iPad Pro, the screen estate, 12 MP camera, file storage system, drag and drop enabled functions, ProMotion help a ton! (I don't think professionals are concerned with casual photography with the iPad PRO.) I hope this adds an additional layer of perspective to the great review for the ones considering great mobile performance. Cheers!

4 days ago
10.5 ipad pro 120hz screen combo with apple pencil is great!

Just need another tool to counter with the suraface dial. A mouse maybe for web browsing or microsoft office. Or something better than the mouse or dial.

Come on apple!

4 days ago
Alot of assumptions this guy is making when he's trying to up sell you the 128GB. What makes him think most people who will buy this device are gonna make it their "primary" machine. You cant have a notebook and an iPad??? The Average user is not gonna buy this one. Theyre gonna buy the Base model ipad Mini and have a shitty Windows notebook they bought at Walmart. The "Pro" is just for people who want a $650 Netflix streaming machine. Thats it really. Tablets still wont replace anything. Apple has been saying that since 2010.

4 days ago
Such a good, on point review, Dieter! :)

4 days ago
Anyone recommend a good snap on case for the back of the 10.5 that supports Apple's smart cover? Apple is not making those silicone cases any longer, and I already bought the smart cover. If I knew I would have just bought a cheap all in one case.

5 days ago
Not a fan of Apples accessories game here. The iPad with "smart"keyboard as a set-up looks compromised. Especially when compared to a Surface Pro, which in itself not not an ideal tablet. Maybe once tablets can become as thin and light as a regular modern laptop screen, we might reach a final form here.

5 days ago
who ever said ios doesn't need file manager ;3 ?

5 days ago
Until Adobe and Microsoft take the ipad seriously I could never use it as an everyday device even though it seems more than up to the task but then this is why we have Apple Notebooks right? Apple can't cannibalise their own product line. Damn 120hz refresh rate before ultra books! I hope that becomes a trend over pixel count for the future.

5 days ago
Wow, so the gimmicky iPad Pro, with features from Windows 8 gets a video review, while the new Surface Pro doesn't?

5 days ago
Name of the app at 2:20 anyone?

5 days ago
Not too bad. It won't replace any computer, but it's definitely a good purchase.

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