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What would movie monsters actually sound like?
   The Verge
  Published: 2 months ago


Movie monsters are getting bigger and louder. We set out to investigate what these giant beasts, like the Skullcrawlers in the latest King Kong movie, should really sound like. Subscribe:

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Comments Directly on YouTube

7 hours ago
Those more realistic duckbill dino sounds are just plain scary

2 days ago
Did you say... parasauropholous?

3 days ago
How do dinosaurs sound? Yee

4 days ago
Dinosaurs weren't related to crocodiles, were they?

1 week ago
I love Movie Monsters. They come from every single horror movie made in every decade and every year, including The Cabin In The Woods, Kong: Skull Island, Godzilla, The Incredible Hulk, Sharktopus, Krampus, Let Me In, This Is The End, The Killer Shrews, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Alien: Covenant, Jurassic World, Gremlins, Attack the Block and many, many others, including Sharknado, Avatar, Black Sheep and even 47 Meters Down. Come on guys, give me a little credit. What the heck! Can somebody please tell me how to get to the world of movie monsters by just getting through the big screen?

2 weeks ago
I wаааatсссhed Моnstеrs, Inс. full mоvieее hеrе

2 weeks ago
Jump on their back and kill em
Shadow of the Colossus style

2 weeks ago
she's a cutie but the hair's not working

2 weeks ago
Watch Moooonsters, Inc. onlineeе heeeereee =>

2 weeks ago
that "duck billed dino" is called a "parasaurolophus" not parasaurupholus.

2 weeks ago
I love her voice for some reason

2 weeks ago
It's a movie, it's supposed to make you feel a certain way through visuals and sounds. Who actually cares what they sound like as long as it sounds the way the producers wanted it I.e a scary roar from trex. Idk why it's such a big deal tbh..

2 weeks ago
Yes we know what a dinosaur sounded like. we had scientists back millions of years ago who had past down research and evidence that'll help us replicate a dinosaurs roar. good job "science" as usual. plus, this video went out on a tangent..

2 weeks ago
Imagine a grown T-Rex hauling ass at you silently

2 weeks ago
3:47 But you still gotta take into consideration that it has vocal cords as well as flesh, so the vibrations from its skull might have been slightly muffled and toned down, and for the sound it makes during distress, you still need a voice to add to its regular breathing sound

great video tho, I kinda wished I would able to hear such a Dino in person, too bad they're gone

2 weeks ago
They sound like instruments.... I rather have the other one lol

2 weeks ago
In the case of Godzilla and Kong, they roars because its territorial and trying to intimidate the enemy which is awesome

2 weeks ago
That Jurassic Park scene where the T-Rex was chasing the car wasn't a hunt though, it was a chase and they already knew the T-Rex was there, so why would it worry about being silent?

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
shut off the science part

while at 4:05 youre complaining that the sound isnt the same, ever heard of something liek stress or fast body movement ?! those things come in hand with something like breathing especially fast breathing ya know ?

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