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YouTube TV first look
   The Verge
  Published: 3 weeks ago


YouTube TV is a streaming service that combines web video with traditional television. For $35 a month, customes get access to all four major broadcast networks, over forty cable channels, and a DVR with unlimited storage. Subscribe:

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Comments Directly on YouTube

22 hours ago
Anybody else using YouTube TV? Interested in hearing about your impressions if you in one of the 5 major cities that it has launched in.

23 hours ago
35$ smh to much

23 hours ago
big ole kike

2 days ago
I like it. Will I get it? I'll definitely consider it but idk for sure. Bc I am a stupid millennial but I also love tv and film and stuff. It's a little tough for me to get tho bc the only thing that interests me is the unlimited recording. But I have Netflix. Amazon prime with hbo channel. My sister has Hulu. No need really. I like it but idk.

3 days ago
$35 a Month?????? Blow Me !!!!!!!!!!!

3 days ago
I'll cut cable and try this. cable here is $100 a month

6 days ago
$35 a month for what they are offering seems like to much. YouTube is paid for and sponsored by the advertisers... why would one pay even more so they can make more? They have the platform and infrastructure to make it work but in comparison Netflix is only $8 a month.

7 days ago
TNT is not on there and they too add it on there with NBA Network,NFL Network,NHL Network,MLB Network on there too

7 days ago
The Question is? How Much Data does it use... If you have to CONTINUALLY BUY DATA? Then It's not worth the Investment... Making Cable (DISH NETWORK) The Hands Down Winner....
Jus Sayin...

1 week ago
The price is still too high. I chose YT over cable because the value and variety is so much better. A price point 3-4 times that of Red is not an enticing reason to go back.

1 week ago
YouTube is tv for me :))

1 week ago
HAHAHAHahahahahahahahaha. ahahahahaha *coughwheeze*hahahahahaha. AHHHHHHHHH. They wasted so much money on this :')

1 week ago
They should put it on Amazon Fire devices, Chromecast devices, Apple TV devices, etc.

1 week ago
$35 is steep bruh, what plans do you have for someone like me that is on welfare.

2 weeks ago
I haven't watched TV in years. Youtube Red is all I need. And for movies, I just download them online somewhere.

2 weeks ago
35$ per month no thanks
netflix is better

2 weeks ago
youtube is already television

2 weeks ago
I would've thought that they would be cheaper than Sling TV, but they are not. I think youtube is trying to use the unlimited DVR space as a hook and a reason why this should cost $35 rather than $20. The channel list is subpar. I use Sling's blue package which is a step above the basic package they offer and even have an add-on and it is still cheaper by $5.

2 weeks ago
i ain't pulling my credit card :P

2 weeks ago
TV is dead it's just a international thing

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