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Why I Left BuzzFeed
   Safiya Nygaard
  Published: 3 months ago


Why I Left BuzzFeed! You guys really, really wanted to know, and I hope this answers your questions. Once again, these are the reasons I decided to leave and I'm not trying to speak for anyone else. I will see you guys on Tuesday for another video!

Much love, Saf.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 months ago
hope that this answers ur questions guys! love u, and i will see u guys a-next time :) EDIT: for any questions on us not being able to respond to YT comments - it was protocol, not a "contracted" rule or a "fire-able" offense, but we were definitely told that we were not supposed to do it. anyone who has done it either has a different contract than i did or is just flaunting the rules (which some do and I did a few times). and, yes, none of the ladylike girls are allowed to be in my videos anymore!

14 minutes ago
she left lady like😭😭):):):)::[:[:[:[

6 hours ago
I really want her game of thrones pillows

8 hours ago
Why is everyone leaving buzzfeed?

9 hours ago
i want this😺 kitty to have a home 10 likes =a home

10 hours ago
oh another one left Buzzfeed....should I be suprised?

14 hours ago
Safiya leaving buzzfeed is probably the best thing she could have done for her career, because
1. Shes INSANELY popular right off the bat
2. Is a natural in front of the camera
3. Has great ideas for content
and now it just means she doesn't have to share any of her profits with a third party!

14 hours ago
TBH Ladylike was my favorite thing on buzzfeed

14 hours ago
no dont leave oh u left january

15 hours ago
but ceep on mind that you are famous bcs of buzz feez

19 hours ago
I never knew you left. Is Freddy still there?

20 hours ago
13 reasons why I left buzzfeed. Coming soon

21 hours ago
Subtitles not loading??

22 hours ago
start a channel called WomanLove😂

22 hours ago
This is just another video about why someone left buzzfeeed that 30 other people already made. It's the same shit

22 hours ago
its sad but great that you left... Pro: they treated you wrong and basically held you back and now you can do whatever the hell you want!! It is their loss lol
Con: you were my favorite on LadyLike.. thank God you have this channel so I can still watch your videos! :)

1 day ago
Is that a stark pillow I see😏☺️

1 day ago
You did the right thing. I admire your ethics.

1 day ago
Hey Saf great vids I wanted to ask you because I'm confused what did you do at buzzfeed I'm sorry if that's a stupid question but didn't really understand

1 day ago
SafiyaNygraad do you mis everything that you do

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