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5 Samsung Galaxy S8 Giveaway
   Steal My Gadgets
  Published: 4 weeks ago


hello everyone welcome to steal my gadgets.
Looking for a new phone? Today is your lucky day because we are giving away a 5 brand new Samsung Galaxy S8!
we are teaming up with Facts tv to give away the new Galaxy S8. Probably by now you’re thinking that the phone isn’t even out yet, but it will soon. and winners will be announced on 29 april.
Entering the giveaway is pretty simple just follow the rules given in the description.

How To Participate ?
0. add on Snapchat : @dineshthakur213
1. Subscribe To our Channel.
2. Click on the Bell icon ( Turn channel Notifications on)
3.subscribe to -
4. Like us on Facebook:
5.Comment down below your thoughts about Samsung S8
**6. Share the Video
All The Steps done ?
Winners Will be announced on 29 April
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Comments Directly on YouTube

7 hours ago
s8 is the best phone of this year

19 hours ago
I think that it is very cool because it has that full screen effect to it and it has a fancy touch to it

1 day ago
those curves...💜 with that sleek body.... make me to hit 🎳 this giveaway....😉

2 days ago
Its perfext, in every way. The super amoled infinity display, 3d touch home button, newest processor, samsung dex, bixby, glass and metal, the best camera, water resistance, build quality, clevery use of space cough, 3.5 mm jack, wireless charging, EVERYTHING! What not to like?

2 days ago
its a very nice phone with many cool fetures

2 days ago
i love the screen of the s8

3 days ago
All steps done.. I love everything about S8. There is everything to like about this beauty.

3 days ago
The S8 is the phone that thought differently. Just amazing really.

4 days ago
i really like the display and the battery of the new galaxy s8 and s8+.

4 days ago
I like you video and processor of samsung s8 that is Snapdragon 835

5 days ago
infinity display which is the main attraction of Galaxy s8 is going to be the new trend among manufacturers in 2018

5 days ago
v good phone

5 days ago
gr8 phn with gr8 features nd good looks...

5 days ago
I Like To Have It Because I Think It Will Helps Me A Lot I Really Want To Had An Samsung Because entire of my life I don't have it but my mom had an Samsung I want it to use for studies and film a video for YouTube I hope my dream will be true because of that thanks

5 days ago
samsung is a great phone like a iphone but samsung is very nice and this is underwater phone and also this is diff shape side in other phone i really want to win this and i hope i win it and tobe a one of the winner here is a best and nice and great gift to me this is wonderful gift to my birthday its one of my wishes that i never lose thank you for your good heart and generous personality 😁👑🗝 i share it already and also i subscribe your lovable channel love it 😁😊💝👑🗝🏁

5 days ago
s8's display is just breath taking! also, with the addition of hdr in display, it will be great! also, i love the cameras! :) hope i can win!

5 days ago
Is this for real? done the steps nevertheless,

Thought on Samsung Galaxy S8: Fancy, aesthetic, I would have buy it myself if I afford it. :(

(p/s: how can the winners be contacted anyway?)

5 days ago
I hope I win.☺best of luck everyone.😘

5 days ago
Top 3 things that i love about s8 is the camera, screen and battery

6 days ago
the display looks amazing

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