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Ramsay Forced to Spit Out BACON & CHOCOLATE PIZZA! | Hotel Hell
   Gordon Ramsay
  Published: 5 days ago


Gordon can't believe he's being served a chocolate and bacon pizza!

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9 minutes ago
I feel really bad for the co manager, you can tell he's just a nice guy who genuinely wants help.

2 hours ago
Dominos Chocolate Pizza ( Actually A Thing )

2 hours ago
My dumbass thought the manager threatened to kill Gordon or something if he didn't spit out the food

2 hours ago
No one forced him to spit it out, he did it by himself.

3 hours ago
I love how @0:33 it says dave oliver - ASSISTANT REST. MANAGER.
hahahahaha - the other Rest Manager

4 hours ago
At least it was 🅱oneless.

5 hours ago
Why the hell didn't NINOOOOOOOO clean this up before Ramsay saw

5 hours ago
At least the plating was nice.

6 hours ago
I fucking love his voice. "OMFG" sounds like a teenage girl lol. Also how he's just like "fuck me" at the end

7 hours ago

7 hours ago
Is everyone here ignores the fact that this is scripted or is it so obvious that there is no need to mention it?

7 hours ago
love this guy. the one man left in the world who says it how it is!

8 hours ago
He judges my looks but that doesn’t mean it’s nasty like most Mexican food looks bad but it’s delicious

8 hours ago
Giving your kid a chocolate and bacon pizza as their birthday cake would be a nice way to say "Fuck you, I shoulda used a rubber."

9 hours ago

10 hours ago
Why are people complaining about Ramsey?
He may be a jerk but he's also the one tasting the food.

Been to many restaurants and many of them do Overcook the chicken in their chicken dishes esp. if it's a chicken breast.
Remember that the cooks/chefs are Rushed into making many meals at the same time so many can't particularly pay that much attention to the 'quality'.

Chocolate and strawberry pizza... trying to be fancy while charging a high price... Get out!

11 hours ago
Damn when i was in Italy, i Ate a pizza with Nutella and strawberries... It was one of the best things ever . Thank god Italians are smart enough not 2 put bacon on there Lol

11 hours ago
And then?????? And then??????? And then?????

11 hours ago
They literally just spread Nutella on pizza dough and baked it!

12 hours ago

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