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Why most Americans support the EPA
   The Verge
  Published: 2 months ago


The future of the EPA is uncertain. We look back at why the agency was created in the first place, and why we still need it today.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 weeks ago
what a dirty snake paid for by the oil companies , im praying for Scott Pruitt to be assassinated

3 weeks ago
Some of what regulators do now resembles the work of sadists who like crushing people. In Idaho, Jack and Jill Barron tried to build a house on their own property. Jack got permission from his county. So they started building.

They got as far as the foundation when the EPA suddenly declared that the Barrons’ property was a “wetland.”

Some of their land was wet. But that was only because state government had not maintained its own land, adjacent to the Barrons’ property, and water backed up from the state’s land to the Barrons’.

The EPA suddenly said, “You are building on a wetland!” and filed criminal charges against them. Felonies. When government does that, most of us cringe and give up. It costs too much to fight the state. Government regulators seem to have unlimited time and nearly unlimited money.
That’s only one of many EPA horror stories being told by Stossel. Those who have been following these regulatory nightmares which periodically show up in the news are probably already familiar with the Barrons. They wound up living in a trailer and going bankrupt, after falling hundreds of thousands of dollars in the hole from fighting the EPA. And they aren’t alone.

4 weeks ago
The EPA is just as corrupt as those companies who pollute the land and run. All for the almighty dollar.

1 month ago
Such a strong italian accent... ;) Spotted since the very beginning of the video :)

1 month ago
Get rid of the EPA!!

1 month ago
Abort the EPA. Michael Mann-made global warming is a myth created for grants.

1 month ago
"The problem with Marvel's Iron Fist" = How I finally unsubscribed from the verge.

You finally did it. You finally went full on SJW. How incredibly pathetic.

1 month ago
Oh please! We don't need the EPA. State agencies could do the same thing locally and more efficiently due to their knowledge of local areas and businesses. Just because the EPA goes away doesn't mean environmental protection does. It's a federal agency that doesn't need to exist because all of its functions can be done at a state level. This alone would help state economies by creating jobs for each state's protection agency.

1 month ago
Things are about to get much much worse.  I just cant believe what im seeing and hearing from people.  Things like how evil the EPA is and must be abolished.  Its just insanity!   These hated "Environmental regulations" are CRITICAL to keeping the air, food and water everyone consumes SAFE.  Its not about protecting the environment for the environments sake, its about protecting OURSELVES.

1 month ago
Apparently, this looks like a piece of typical propaganda by "Global warming" fear-mongers. They have been playing the game of hijacking environment protection issues with CO2 emission. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, is an essential food for all living beings. Odorless, Colorless, Harmless. More greenhouse gas would make the earth warmer to live and greener to grow into. Shutting down all the Global Warming lobbyists would help EPA going back to its original goals.

2 months ago
Thee is no doubt that we need an agency like the EPA but the one we have is totally screwed up and need to be cleaned out. They screwed up the Animas River in Colorado, threatened a Wyoming rancher with thousands of dollars a day in fines for digging s stock pond on his property and told a rancher in Arizona that if his cows drank from a stream running through his property he would be heavily fined. This is what happens when an agency has too much money and hires a bunch of mental pygmies.

2 months ago
we need the epa to flood rivers with toxic waste. and someone needs to kick those greedy ranchers off there lands so they can sell mining rights to the poor lil russians. leave the epa alone just look at all they have accomplished. and yeah anyone who doesnt believe in global warming has their head up their own butt. not so sure how much is caused by man.

2 months ago
Did the cleaning lady at The Verge narrate this video?

2 months ago
We should have all those who don't believe in pollution and climate change go live next to coal mines and coal power plants, and see how long they last

2 months ago
Ooh, you mean we can actually comment on THIS video? You were all butt hurt when people started dropping facts on your previous bullshit gender bias video, thanks, Verge! 😃

2 months ago
Protecting the environment should cross party lines, everyone needs to do there bit.

2 months ago
the EPA is not the issue the frivolous spending and ridiculous legaslation that has come out of it is, look at their demand for auto manufacturers to make cars more "fuel efficient".

2 months ago
hey the verge someone has hacked your YouTube channel and are slipping non tech political videos in

2 months ago
lol comments were disabled in the previous video. ironic

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