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The Failure of Rainfurrest
   Internet Historian
  Published: 5 days ago


The story of Rainfurrest 2015, one of the most degenerate conventions ever held. Drugs, petty vandalism and diapers -- it had it all.




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39 minutes ago
Song name at 1:19 and 4:28?

55 minutes ago
... and this is why cosplayers get annoyed when furries do this shit.

We respect the venue, we realize we are guests, and we are apologetic. Why do people do this.

1 hour ago
Jesus Christ to all furries:

2 hours ago
Rainfurrest is an embarrassment to the community. I'd just like to say other conventions are not like that at all. The staff were so preoccupied with making the con a 'safe space' for these people that they ended up making it safe for no one. Disgusting.

2 hours ago
mfw furries show their true nature, pure cancer

2 hours ago
im a furry and all but THIS SHIT IS C A N C E R

3 hours ago
Do the history on 2 girls 1 cup, 1 man 1 jar, pain olympics videos, etc.

3 hours ago
Pools closed

3 hours ago
When he pronounced Spokane like Spocane I died inside

3 hours ago
Why wasn't it called RainFurFest?

3 hours ago

3 hours ago
this is so wild lmao

4 hours ago
I know a furry....she's actually pretty cute under the I have autism or cancer

4 hours ago
6:36 "So many memories! So many memories!"
I'm almost certain the employees inside that Hilton were suffering from Vietnam-esc flash backs of RF2015 from the of sight that man in a fursuit.

4 hours ago
>sends out letters to every hotel in the state
>doesn't send a call to the Inquisition

By holy Terra they could have stopped it. Now we all have to suffer an exterminatus.

4 hours ago
As hard as it may seem to some people I don't approve of the actions done at Rainfurrest, it was childish, to say the least. You have to understand however that the people that are into... ugh... crinkling are in the vast minority of the fandom and most if not all fur-cons has it banned for obvious reasons.

With that out of the way, let's tackle some misconceptions.
Zoophilia & Beastiality: I understand this misunderstanding but as I've said to many a people before, it's not correct. Zoophilia and Beastiality are the sexual attraction/interaction with a NON-HUMAN animal, as in a feral animal, like a real dog or cat for example. But as Furries are anthropomorphic animals they do not qualify as they're too humanlike.

Furries are mentally ill: I don't even know where to start with this one. For one, this isn't really a misconception as it is personal belief but I'll still tackle it. While some furries have autism or other mental illnesses they are in the minority, we're really just people that like the idea of anthropomorphic animals and for me, it's growing up with Disney that gave me that love, so blame them, not me.

Here's a personal theory I have on Rainfurrest: The putting diapers on people's cars and the letters were done to A. Stop Rainfurrest from having another convention. And B. Put furries in a bad spotlight. It's not just furries that go to fur-cons y'know? It's not a requirement to get in.

4 hours ago
Another reason to call them degenerates.

5 hours ago
God dammit, I don't think I've loved another channel like I love yours.

5 hours ago
You think furries are autistic animal fuckers? Look at bronies and weeaboos. One fucks horses and one thinks they're Japanese. Now think furries are bad? Some don't draw animal porn or are autistic. A furry is defined as an anthropomorphic animal or someone who loves the idea of them. And always think about that. Taste it like a fine wine in your mouth. I bet you're just some 11 year old wanting to act edgy with suicide jokes and hitler references to get a laugh or make someone cry. I just want to say think before you post shit like that. You don't know how the person on the other end can handle it. So why? Why do you want to act edgy like this?

5 hours ago
Furries are like Islamic radicals for me.

It's all fine and dandy so long as they keep it to themselves, like any other massive following, I don't really fucking care that much per-say.

But the minute some guy dressed as a purple fox busts my door down, screaming in arabic, and waving around an AK, I get a little concerned.

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