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Fitbit Alta HR review
   The Verge
  Published: 2 months ago


The first new Fitbit of 2017 is the Fitbit Alta HR, with built-in heart rate sensors. For a price of $149, it’s $20 more than last year’s Fitbit Alta and now the same price as the Charge 2.


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Comments Directly on YouTube

17 hours ago
sorry but that was boring a little bit.

1 day ago
It should be freaking waterproof

4 days ago
Hi, I would like to by Fitbit Alta HR ! but my wrist is 16.5 cm. So, please Can you help me, which one do I buy ? S or L ? I do not want it to be unnecessarily long.

2 weeks ago
UGH! Had to watch this to be sure, but fitbit added their name to the front of the watch/tracker face, unlike any of their other releases to date- it's hideous. Just decided to not purchase.

2 weeks ago
R.I.P H.R Wells #TheFlashSeason3

3 weeks ago
I'm obviously not here for the FitBit...

3 weeks ago
Waterproof I have it btw

4 weeks ago
Whats under her eyes

2 months ago
Can you review the morefit slim

2 months ago
Just a quick note on Verges Vaping video put out a while ago.... Comments have been disabled on that video but I just had to leave a note on another Verge video in protest... Verge is a well respected tech youtube channel that USUALLY puts out excellent info on many different tech subjects... BUT, I was utterly shocked at the total miss information and ridiculous bias trotted out as fact on this video... You should be utterly ashamed at the incorrect scare mongering that the tobacco lobbyists have been punting out for years.. It is obvious that you know NOTHING about vaping... Vaping is a HARM REDUCTION tool for smokers... No one is saying that it is totally safe but it is WAY more safe than smoking!!
In the UK we have a 30 mile an hour speed limit in built up areas which has been proven to be much safer than driving at 80 miles per hour in a built up area... Now, 30 mph is not totally safe but it is a harm reduction limit!! You made out that smokers may as well carry on smoking!!!!! Utterly disappointed in this channel and not sure I trust ANY of your videos anymore... Utterly shameful.

2 months ago
Thanks for the review. Does the Alta HR continuously show your HR when you exercise? Does it show what HR zone you're in and notify you when your HR is too low or high?

2 months ago
Theoretical make negotiation row photo highly juice district monument facilitate campus.

2 months ago
Please wax your arms.

2 months ago
Gotta love her smile s2

2 months ago
Not touch sensitive, not at all.

2 months ago
Love your reviews, Lauren Goode. You should do more videos.

2 months ago
hairy arms!

2 months ago
Those white stripes under her eyes are very distracting

2 months ago
It's always good to see lauren again😻🍆

2 months ago
no gps on this price?...

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