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The PC is cool again
   The Verge
  Published: 4 months ago


The desktop PC has never been associated with cool, but thanks to some new all-in-one systems from Microsoft, HP, and Dell, that perception is changing. These are cool looking and capable machines that will change your idea of what a desktop PC can look like and what it can do.


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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 days ago
who the f has neon lights in their build? u cant even buy those things anymore -.-

5 days ago
$2000 for an Rx 460?! That ultra wide all in one is a HORRIBLE deal! You'd be better off building an itx pc and buying an ultra wide.

2 weeks ago
Cool tv with a keyboard, if you want a better deal. Tablet with a bluetooth key board lol have a nice day.

2 weeks ago
I dont think the verge knows that not that many people use macs.

2 weeks ago
You have to thank Apple for that!

3 weeks ago
get a custom built pc will be better value, and no, a mid tower case is not ugly, R9 M470X and RX 460 is entry level - mid range gpus, Well it's now replaced with RX 570 but that's still a mid range gpu, on the dell, and on the hp , RX 460 or GTX 950M, both entry - mid range gpus, all the starting prices for them are comparable to a simple 6th or 7th gen i5 or i7 system with a gtx 1070 even 1080, custom built, I personally think these are waste of money, get a custom built pc system and get better parts for same money or even less, better keyboard and mice as well.

3 weeks ago
"Without any design at all"


4 weeks ago
It's not 4k? Jesus the iMac is 5K.

1 month ago
The verge is the Wall Street journal of youtube. full of isis but somehow they manage to get attention.

1 month ago
Nice video but turn off the fridge wile you recording man. :p

1 month ago
Why isn't there a good-designed all-in-one with a modular structure or interchangeable computer part (imagine Surface Studio with an upgradable base)?

1 month ago
Still not as cool as iMac G4

1 month ago
It's always been cool...

1 month ago
What is this? Trying to revive the dead pigeon? Don't get me wrong, I work on my workstation for CG projects daily so those new so-called PC with high tech stylus or wheels or touch screens don't really matter to the real industry, just manufacturers trying to get regular users to feel professional while using a display for work. But the PC IS dying for mainstream users. Not so for those who actually work on a PC but doesn't matter because the world moves on to a PC-less future life so essentially PC's are Dead, just like how the pagers are despite still being used daily by professionals.

1 month ago
OK calm down guys.
This peasant is talking about prebuilds and all in ones.

1 month ago
The cinematography makes the machines look almost indiscernible.

2 months ago
What they are all missing is a TV tuner that you can connect to an antenna or cable. This would make it complete. Especially with a wide monitor where you can split the monitor and watch over the air tv channels.

2 months ago
when were they not cool? you shitfucks probably say that because you're typical apple enthusiasts.

2 months ago
Why should I listen to a mac guy talks about pc?

2 months ago
kya bhai...

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