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Successfully developing Artwork in Blender
   Blender Foundation
  Published: 5 months ago


Zacharias Reinhardt at Blender Conference 2016. Learn more at Show more

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3 weeks ago
Fantastic tutorials Zach. An intelligent, humble, helpful individual and all articulated so well in a foreign language - thank you, really appreciate you sharing your vast knowledge. Keep it up!!!

4 weeks ago
schade zu hören das agendabrothers sich aufgelöst haben... alle wissen ja das deine Arbeiten super sind... wir können immer wieder Artwork oder Scenen brauchen als Hintergründe usw.... leider sind wir auch privat wirtschaft, daher könne wir keine riesen Aufträge daraus generieren... wenn sich jedoch eine Nutzunglizenz oder ein Gentelagreement findet, kann man ja schauen das man sich gegen Seitig fördert...all the best...

2 months ago
Great presentation.

3 months ago
Save yourself a few minutes and start the video here 4:17
That said, this was great, thanks!

4 months ago
This is a goldmine, thank you very much !

4 months ago
Blender, still far from becoming being a professional software.

4 months ago
Awesome !

4 months ago
how to make a commercial with blender..?? need help..!!

4 months ago
haha him and his brother had some beef probably well or his brother was just not enjoying modelling anymout :D

4 months ago

5 months ago
Why the negative comments? I really loved this workflow demonstration and I learned alot for my current project!

5 months ago
Nothing creative at all ... but good workflow for beginners.

5 months ago
Great talk, learn some very useful stuff and found out about some super useful tools. :)

5 months ago
Excellent MasterClass. Thank you so much for sharing it.

5 months ago
premium mic that is...

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