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   Jacob + Katie Schwarz
  Published: 3 years ago


This is footage that we captured while in Denver Colorado at 5K 60FPS. All 4K content is available for commercial licensing upon request.

This video was sponsored by Harmonic. You can check out more about Harmonic on their website:

Music By Ryan Taubert
Song: Kings

Music Licensed with Music Bed

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Tech spec:
Red Epic (M642) w/ Ti Canon Mount
Canon 24-70mm F2.8
Canon 16-35mm f/2.8
Canon 100mm f/2.8
Canon 70-200 f/2.8
Adobe Premiere CC and DaVinci Resolve

Question or business inquires:
[email protected]

Copyright © 2014 Mystery Box, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 weeks ago
30 fps on YT

4 weeks ago

1 month ago
Viewed with the Settings: Quality 2160p 4K Speed 0.25

1 month ago
1:13 So beautiful & peaceful. Anyone know what kind of owl this is?

1 month ago

2 months ago
Very stunning footage.
Horrible too-loud music.

2 months ago
birds of Prey, testing mobile screen quality since 2014

2 months ago
LOL 30fps...

2 months ago
not 60p

3 months ago
very nice..

3 months ago
Amazing video, what is the name of melody?

4 months ago
Lesson learned: don't leave your mouth open for 2+ minutes. seriously.

4 months ago
Its not even 60fps (its 30) if u open stats for nerds no idea if its even true 4k or just rendered to 4k

6 months ago
It's 4k, just 30fps, not 60. Seems to be a habbit with their videos.

6 months ago
looks stunning but I dont think its 60fps? It doesnt look like 60FPS and isnt listed as 60fps on the video options....

6 months ago
60 frames a second my foot! thanks anyway :)

6 months ago
Not 60fps.

7 months ago
beautiful ..

8 months ago
i dont even have a 4k screen but it looks incredible on my 1080p one... :o

8 months ago
Its awsome...

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