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Alex Jones Father's Day Message To Newtown Families
   The Alex Jones Channel
  Published: 6 days ago


Alex Jones has this special message to the families of Newtown CT.
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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 day ago
I keep trying to get rid of this shit but it just keeps coming back will you sod off

2 days ago
Sandy Hook is a COMPLETE HOAX.... AJ is a Zionist stooge

3 days ago
Go get locked in a hot car you fat lying cocksucker.

3 days ago

4 days ago
You piece of shit Alex... Sandy Hook was a staged FEMA Hoax snd you know it.

4 days ago
went to Indianapolis (for a large theatre convention) saw a show call 26 Pebbles that's was about sandy hook. after the show there was a girl crying in the hall. her brother was someone who died in sandy and it hurt her to see his name up there. I don't believe that's a hoax.

4 days ago
Heard his wife and kid left him. Also heard this guy is fake and it's all just an act like wrestling. He looks like he's one burger away from a heart attack. Hopefully his health care covers the pre existing condition of being an asshole. Why people watch this hate filled rhetoric is beyond be.

4 days ago
Clear ur throat jesus fukking christ

4 days ago
Shut up bitch

4 days ago
you arent normalized prick. go back in your crazy hole.

4 days ago
Trust is so hard to earn, yet so easy to lose. Bye Alex.

4 days ago
When you lose a child your head becomes a waterfall. Tears pour out like a water faucet and even your nose runs steadily like your body has half inch pvc just behind your nose that's continually making and forcing out tears and snot (Most Sand Hook parents couldn't muster a real tear and Robby Parker smiled and laughed the day after his kid was supposedly blown to smithereens) . There's no problem making tears, as you can hardly even see. Your mind is in hell and it wants to visit hell and it wants everyone in the entire world to stop smiling or laughing because the world just ended. You can't smile and you feel like you will never laugh or smile again . You wonder if you will ever stop crying and wonder how your body makes so much fluid so readily. You can't sleep because you would have to wake up and realize your little angel, who is your whole world, is gone. You want to die but if you died you couldn't experience complete utter ongoing death which you wanted to feel because your child's presence meant something and you want everyone to know that. The hopelessness and sorrow is just below bewildedement and denial. "When will I wake up from this horrific nightmare?" Don't say everyone processes grief differently because all Sandy Hook parents processed it the same way. I can only describe it as apparent joy, they had the same demeanor smiling and giggling just days or weeks after their child was supposedly blown to smithereens (not at all unlike someone who has recently come into lots of money). In reality you can't even talk about your deceased child in past tense for a year or more. You don't memorialize and smile for years. You're still in denial and you're still in hell. You are reclusive and don't want to talk to a soul. It's too painful. All the parents I saw had this smile like their child had died 10-20 years before like they lived out long lives, died of old age and their death had a greater purpose. If Sandy Hook was true such gruesome deaths would be mourned until the end of time, with no smiles or laughter. (Watch the Gene Rosen practice tape and listen to Wolfgang Halbig's story.) I would hate to offend or further hurt a parent but after many many hours of research I am convinced it was fake. It was not what I wanted to determine because now it hurts knowing the deception our government and news media are involved in. But to me truth is the most important thing.

4 days ago
Alex your a fraud, just a fucking fraud... I'm done with you and your show. You ought to return money to all the people who have invested in your projects over the last twenty years
After hearing the shit that just left your mouth I'm sure they're not going to be happy with that knife your sticking in their back. Glad I never invested.

4 days ago
still a HOAX....but you sheep will keep swallowing whatever your masters tell you to

4 days ago
So you lunatics the killings were fake.  It was a conspiracy to take your guns away.  Then riddle me this, if birth records and death records are public records in the U.S.A why don't you show me that it is fake by saying we can't find the records?
Problem is, just like all good conspiracy theories, you think the government would spend millions of dollars and thousands of man hours to cover up something to keep some deluded internet trolls in the dark.. Do the world a favour.  Take your lithium you fucking freaks.

4 days ago
release the autopsy photos...or continue the hoax

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