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Vaping isn't cool (or good for you)
   The Verge
  Published: 2 weeks ago


Vaping is actually not that great for you or a healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes. Subscribe:

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Comments Directly on YouTube

31 minutes ago
Vaping is cool though. Just the aesthetic of smoking looks cool, you can't deny that. It's unhealthy for sure, but it IS "cool"

31 minutes ago
So much misinformation. Such a shame. I am surprised this video is still up.

38 minutes ago
The verge = CNN
Fake news at its finest

46 minutes ago
You should be ashamed of yourselves! Vaping is all about harm reduction! If a person has issues trying to quit smoking THEY SHOULD VAPE end of the god damn story

58 minutes ago
*This video brought to you by Philip Morris...

...and the Juul as a favorite vape...

2 hours ago
Misinformed, misleading and murderous.

2 hours ago
Now read all the vaper losers excuse themselves

2 hours ago
To all of you who claim this video is stupid or propaganda, you're just in denial. Good luck with thinking vaping is safer than smoking. Don't believe me, test it yourself and see if you don't have cancer and other diseases down the road.

2 hours ago
Please do some more research on VAPING. You guys have no idea at all. Get your act right. Also, just post about technology and not about topics you and your team have no knowledge about. You should be ashamed of yourself for misleading people to not stop smoking.

2 hours ago
This should be removed

2 hours ago
Are you serious? you have no idea what you are talking about. I was 6 months out from being put on oxygen from a 30 yr 3 pack a day habit. I quit and started vaping. And you know what? I can jog now..I can run, my c.o.p.d is gone my doctors are amazed! Oh and I've never had a battery "explode" nor will i ever.Make a video about keeping kids off heroin or out of gangs or out of prison.

3 hours ago
You should educate yourself before making a vaping video vaping saves thousands of lives. You look like fools for making a crappy video that you have not a clue what you're talking about the job

4 hours ago
you need to educate your self you fool how can you be so on so many points do some research on your subject matter before spreading this fake news

4 hours ago
what a misleading load of crap. I hope people who are planning to switch from the stinky's don't have the misfortune of seeing this video!!

5 hours ago
Wow! Not going to the Verge or this channel anymore. If your research and misinformation is this bad on vaping, I suspect your reviews on tech are either bought or just as horrendous research wise. Waste of time. How can someone who passed the bar be this lazy with research and blatant misinformation? Is Nilay practicing to be a politician or looking to get hired by a major news media organization?

6 hours ago
I quit smoking tobacco finally after 40+ years thanks to vaping. I liked the act of smoking, but not the addiction and harm. I like vaping even better with all the different flavors I make for myself, less harm and addiction. You may not like vaping which is fine, just like I don't care for this misleading video based on cherry picking headlines. Is this how you report on tech products too? I will never know.

6 hours ago

7 hours ago
This video is riddled with misinformation and you should be ashamed for producing it. As you can see from the feedback, this is a great way to lose subs.

8 hours ago
Let's talk about exploding ecigs I take vaping seriously I clean my rda,s and subohm tanks and threading constantly I constantly check my battery's to ensure they are not damaged in anyway this video offends me as I am safe when it comes to vaping and give full respect for those who have stopped smoking 30 to 40 a day and switched to vaping plus I don't vape to look cool I vape because it's made me feel better and feel a lot healthier so think about things like that before posting such a stupid ass video.

10 hours ago
look at the dislikes and comments..u should put down this before u lose signifant subscribers, which your channel doesn't have..

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