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Saturn’s moon Enceladus could house alien life
   The Verge
  Published: 2 months ago


NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has detected signs of hydrothermal activity on Saturn’s ocean moon of Enceladus.


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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 months ago
NASA has suspected for a while that hydrothermal activity is happening on Enceladus, but these new hydrogen findings really clinch that idea. The Cassini spacecraft also collected the data during a plume dive in 2015, but the scientists spent a long time analyzing what they found to make sure the hydrogen was actually coming form Enceladus and not from the spacecraft. For more information, check out Loren's article:

2 days ago
Emmmm, the earth is flat and this is all bullshit to keep you all thinking how small and insignificant you are. just saying. you dont all really buy this load of crap do you?!?!

2 days ago
ummmmmmm....i call B.S........the earth is flat !

5 days ago
Bwhahahahahhahahah.......................... oh my god, keep at it, they will never wake up, they deserve it

2 weeks ago
Perhaps it's time to give up the sham and stop wasting Trillions of tax dollars....

2 weeks ago
Oo, no I seen moves abut aliens and I dont like this idea.

3 weeks ago
Nothing has ever been to space. Aliens are interdenominational demons.

1 month ago
Sorry but water alone isn't the sole criteria for "life" .

Quit the bullshit.

1 month ago
There is no alien life, like no alien life on Europa. Unfortunately and simply.

1 month ago
wow this person is very irritating.

2 months ago
Now with extra behind the scenes Loren cuteness.

2 months ago
Mmmm.... space-shrimps. A new source of expensive shrimp for rich earthlings to consume.

2 months ago
they are just preparing an fake alien invasion to decieve and let everybody think that jesus is just an alien or whatever, the answers are easy but they will be so afraid to face god wich fear that their mind turn down ahead towards RFID chiped humanity with satanic science instead of getting saved by live the eternal life in heaven.

2 months ago
look how long has NASA been LOOKING?

2 months ago

2 months ago
why have you disabled your comments on the vape video do you not want
people to know the facts you hve presented are untrue,give subscribers
and viewers a chance to reply with correct info to present to anyone
thinking of taking up vaping to come off of cigarrettes,almost seems
like you were paid a fee to keep the tobacco companies in bisuiness at
the consumers cost,just shows what type of channel you are,if you are
going to have a youtube channel you must be willing to accept good
comments along with bad

2 months ago
this is the worst channel. you guys block comments on everything.

2 months ago
im struggling finding my own life on Earth, forget about Enceladus.
so again, im here for her as always...

2 months ago
what does this have to do with alien life? just because you found hydrogen? that doesn't create life lol c'mon

2 months ago
Now go send Columbus and tell him to take a short cut and plus take over !

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