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ISPs can now sell your data without permission
   The Verge
  Published: 3 weeks ago


Trump just signed a new law that will let internet service providers sell your browsing history and personal data to advertisers, without your permission. Subscribe:

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Comments Directly on YouTube

21 hours ago
If I'm paying my ISP for internet service while they are making money off MY data, I expect compensation in the form of a check or a reduction in my bill.

Thank [insert deity of choice here] for VPN. So glad I can shove it to my ISP or at least make it harder for them to manipulate my browsing pattern. I'd expect a boom in the VPN industry in the coming months; if it hasn't already happened.

Go for a VPN/browser combo that doesn't track or log your connectivity information. That way, there's nothing to go on. Oh, install an ad-blocker too. In a sense, that's like advertisers are blindly wasting their money on your ISP while getting no return out of it.

2 days ago
what's next doctors selling your organs without your permission

1 week ago
comments were turned off on the vapeing isnt cool video that was posted so ima leave my Comment here ur miss use of information and constant need to contradict ur self makes u look stupid u need take the video down and not talk about vapeing unless ur gonna say facts not ur opinion on why u think it's bad for people

2 weeks ago
Insane. If ISPs will do this, then people will just continue using vpns like Astrill. Lucky I am.

2 weeks ago
you suck man!!!! your very misleading , you should take your "vaping is bad for you" down. people will see this video that smoke and won't give vaping a chance thanks to you. I've been cig free now for over 2 years because of vaping!!!° and you disable comments on that video because you can't face the people you've pissed off!? c'mon man, do the right thing!

2 weeks ago
Good thing I don't care.

2 weeks ago
The law Obama signed 4 months before leaving office never went into effect. So nothing changed. They have always been able to do this and will simply continue doing so.

3 weeks ago
Google, Yahoo and other have been selling the same data for years & years

3 weeks ago
that music is so annoying! cool video thou!!

3 weeks ago
Hey you look like an uneducated douchebag that blocks comments on videos that are totally misleading to the community. although your getting my one view I'm also giving you a dislike and flag on all your videos. You don't deserve to be on YouTube.

3 weeks ago
I'm pretty pissed you guys didn't cover this sooner. This was big news weeks ago but no one was taking notice in the media, and you guys just this week posted this video after the law was already signed. I feel you guys have a responsibility to cover these major events, and I really feel like you guys dropped the ball here. Net neutrality needs all the help it can get, but we can't do anything about it if we're not made aware in time to actually do something about it, and you guys are a megaphone to advocate for net neutrality.

3 weeks ago
I Love Australia

3 weeks ago
I must say that you over simplify the topic when it comes to Google and Facebook. One might like to think that they have the choice to opt-out of Google and Facebook's advertising network. However, one cannot simply avoid being a viewer on their network. Regardless of whether you have an account with these services, they still track your activity online using information they do know about you (typically cookies or IP address). So to say that opting out of their services is easy is not necessarily the case.

3 weeks ago
Very well done. This is so maddening.

3 weeks ago
My privacy combo is a VPN + uBlock Origin + Privacy Badger + HTTPS everywhere

3 weeks ago
So as you presented comments on your ridiculous video against vaping, you get my comment here: Learn the facts before telling smokers they should quit (which they can't often enough) instead to choose the less harmful alternative of vaping. You are actually endangering the lives of people by posting non founded fake news. At least you should show some cojones and put your video down!

3 weeks ago
What makes all of this worse is that there's not much we can do about this. Trump is literally destroying any good thing that the Obama administration has done, and things are only going to get worse from here.

3 weeks ago
Suggestion: Just use Ad-Block and or Ghostery; it helped out. (Don't forget to support contact creators, streamers, website etc.) VPN are good to just do your research before using one.

3 weeks ago
I see a great plot for Mr. Robot Season 3 ... ;)

3 weeks ago
one word: VPN.

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