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Snow Monkeys in Japan 5K Retina 60p (Ultra HD)
   Jacob + Katie Schwarz
  Published: 3 years ago


This video was uploaded and is available in 5K (5120x2700) at 60p.

Last week Apple introduced the new 5K Retina iMac which challenged us to take our videos to the next level and deliver them to you guys in full 5K resolution. We've been shooting in 5K ever since we got out Red Epic Camera but always finished all our work in 4K as we saw no real need to have content available in a higher resolution. Now that more people are going to have 5K displays and technology at their finger tips with not only the new iMac, but also Dell's new 5K display. We decided it was time to challenge ourselves and our technology and give you a chance to experience the world in 5K. This hasn't been easy as we are now just getting our 4K workflow mastered, but our motto has always been to "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable."

This video was sponsored by Harmonic. You can check out more about Harmonic on their website:

Music By TOLO
Song: Crimson Hope

Music Licensed with Music Bed

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Tech spec:
Red Epic (M642) w/ Ti Canon Mount
Canon 24-70mm F2.8
Canon 16-35mm f/2.8
Canon 100mm f/2.8
Canon 70-200 f/2.8
Adobe Premiere CC and DaVinci Resolve

Question or business inquires:
[email protected]

Please do not use this footage without our permission. Contact us for additional uses.
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Comments Directly on YouTube

7 days ago
anyone know why 5k is a lot easier on my internet connection then 4k?

2 weeks ago
1080p looks great

2 weeks ago
I have a 50Mbit connection and for some reason I cannot stream the 5K option. It appears to be buffering but nothing happens!? 1440p seems the max that my mid range 2015 27" 5K IMAC will show for some reason!?

3 weeks ago
pra mim 144p é melhor

3 weeks ago
50mb fibra otica sofrendo pra carregar ! CRUZ CREDAO

3 weeks ago
tried it on my 2003 chrome book went so smooth

3 weeks ago
Watched this to test my new screen, didn't expect to leave with a greater respect for the snow monkeys. WTF they're not that different from us, I could've seen myself as a child in their stead doing the same stuff

3 weeks ago
Dislikes can't run de 5K.

4 weeks ago
All those people who are commeting about the "super sharp" video, and don't even bother commeting about the beautiful music behind it. Would love to here a lot more from Tolo.

4 weeks ago
my laptop screen crash because this video :(

4 weeks ago
I still can't get over how clear this is. You can see each individual hair!

4 weeks ago

4 weeks ago
not 60 fps
only 30 fps at 1440p (right click -> stats for nerds on video in html5 player)

1 month ago
i love it <3

1 month ago
with max hd is like 1 pixel has 10 pixels inside it

1 month ago
watch with 5k iMac.....holy shit awesome

1 month ago
amei esse vídeo .. ficou muito top msm gosto muito de alta qualidade e tecnologia

1 month ago
Am I the only one that can run 5k but not 4k lol, and also am i the only one that thinks this is to real and looks animated at the same time?

1 month ago
Watching this on my Samsung Galaxy 8+ WQHD at 2960 x 1440. The quality looked incredible, you could see everything so crisp and clearly. Absolutely gorgeous!

1 month ago

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