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Mastering Toon Lighting, Compositing and Freestyle
   Blender Foundation
  Published: 7 months ago


Frederik Steinmetz at Blender Conference 2016. Learn more at Show more

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3 months ago
I really love you animation work and I really need an intro and I wanted to know if you had the time on your hands to make me a custom intro

3 months ago
Here's another call for a paper. What Steinmetz has done here looks cool, but the node layout is impossible to see and he hasn't clearly shown lamp position and other scene details to duplicate his effort. I also wonder if the way he handles lighting is really only viable for single objects. In a complex scene you'd have to carefully shape light from each lamp illuminating every object. Seems like a serious scaling problem.

4 months ago
Toon look is impossible to get just right with Blender. Imagine how many nodes you would need to achieve a scene of a party with many people in a house with props everywhere. It would require hundreds of nodes and they all need to be adjust one at a time, forget it.

7 months ago
I only watched this today. What a long way to do simple things.

I do not recommend this method for the sake of sanity.

If he used the internal renderer, there would be much more control. The render would not need any post production. Plus the realtime (60 fps) preview will be directly available on the viewport.

For toon in general, you control 3 things:
1. light
2. color (can only be done in post with Cycles)
3. normals

#3 is often forgotten. By default Blender do not provide fine control of vertex normals which is highly used in games and non-photo real rendering. Fortunately, Blend4web's add-on exposes the interface to tweak vertex normals.

7 months ago
Why using Cycles for this? Doesn't the internal Blender Render engine make NPBRs such as these better?

7 months ago
Pls share the node tree

7 months ago

7 months ago
I love Blender

7 months ago
I was waiting for this.

7 months ago

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