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Ctrl-Walt-Delete finale recorded live from NYC
   The Verge
  Published: 2 weeks ago


On Friday, June 9th, Walt and Nilay recorded the final episode of Ctrl-Walt-Delete live in front of an audience at the School of Visual Arts theatre in New York City. They also had a frequently mentioned special guest on the show, Dieter Bohn. Congratulations to Walt on his retirement!


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Comments Directly on YouTube

14 hours ago
Thanks for everything Walt You'll be missed! Good luck for the future! 🙏🏼

1 day ago
Finally, I didn't really like the walt stuff that was going on on the verge...

5 days ago
what's the song that played when dieter walked up on stage?

1 week ago
A channel with 1,4 mil subs doing a video like this"Vaping isn't cool (or good for you) " ? Shame on you!!! ...Never in my life i expect this . Unsubbed

BTW i comment here because they disabled the comments on the video , video that already haves 2 times more dislikes then likes .

1 week ago
Great last episode!

1 week ago
thank God this old bastard is retiring. he is the biggest apple apologist in the game. the sad thing is he was too blind (or dumb) to see that Steve Jobs was just using him.

1 week ago
So thankful for you Walt. Best wishes to you in this new chapter of life :)

1 week ago
LMAO!!! At 13:58 Not for na audiophile lunatic like you! HAHA

1 week ago
Wait.. Walt is still alive, Jesus I'm old

1 week ago
why does the verge hype dieter so much? dude is untalented and frankly a bit dumb. lauren goode is so much better. why not hype her up??

1 week ago
wait, I thought panos was at this event?

1 week ago
Can't wait to see what's next for Walt. Congratulations and good luck on future endeavors!

1 week ago
Cheers on the retirement Walt!

1 week ago
Nice job Walt. Enjoy retirement. Now this show has to continue in a way or another with Nilay and Dieter

2 weeks ago
Seriously with the feedback?

2 weeks ago
47:50 Walt really wants to retire

2 weeks ago
These clowns are nothing in comparison to Zac Bowden and Daniel Rubino!

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
please keep the vergecast on video! you don't need to edit!

2 weeks ago
I've just started listening to Ctrl-Walt-Delete this year, I'm sad I didn't start earlier, there goes my favorite podcast! Thanks Walt!

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