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IBM ThinkPad 701 | Walt Mossberg's gadget museum
   The Verge
  Published: 1 week ago


The IBM ThinkPad 701 is one of the most iconic laptop designs in history — so much so that it’s sitting in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Walt Mossberg, who is retiring this year, shows us his original Thinkpad and what made it so unique.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 day ago
I need more videos like these

4 days ago
The dude in the IBM promotional video. Isn't that the dude that works for Apple?

6 days ago
wish my laptop had a mechanical keyboard...

1 week ago
4.5 pounds? That's not heavy.

1 week ago
I want to see more of his collection. -_- Pleaseeeeee

1 week ago
n now you are bragging that somebody bragged about your review

1 week ago
Can it play Knack though?

1 week ago
Review the ThinkPad P71

1 week ago
it's amazing that the keyboard still pops out after 22 years.

1 week ago
very cool.

1 week ago
Buy a broken one... HACK the Hell out of it and slap in all new components for shits and giggles

1 week ago
OMG! I was in EPCOT in 1995! This fact has nothing to do with this film but hey, there you go..

1 week ago
Cool! Do the TransNote next! ;-)

1 week ago
0:34 Isn't that Phil Schiller?? 🤔😳

1 week ago
Wow that is some impressive innovation back in the 90s. It is the first time I see something like this, pretty cool.

1 week ago
a good top view would have helped see the butterfly keyboard in action..

1 week ago
and he didn't even power it on

1 week ago
Did he get tired or something?... Maybe talk about specs or show it working or ANYTHING ELSE!!!...🙄

1 week ago
+The Verge

Wow! I used one of those whilst in college.

That's a time when American technology leads in mobile devices.

Too bad they sold it to Lenovo.

No more IBM laptops.

1 week ago
These visuals are incredible!

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