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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Behind The Scenes
   Star Wars
  Published: 6 days ago


Go behind the scenes of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In theaters December 15.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

30 minutes ago
what the star wars song name on 2:00

40 minutes ago
Leia will die from overdosis deathsticks

2 hours ago
Disney will ruin Star Wars. They've said that they will continue to do movies until the interest has dropped. Meaning that they will continue to milk the Star Wars name just for money, like the MARVEL movies.

2 hours ago
rip leia

4 hours ago
Please be better than episode 7.

5 hours ago
Rey is a Mary Sue, she does the mind trick with no training, she uses the force to grab the light saber, she beats Kylo Ren with no training who he destroys Luke's school, and she beats Kylo Ren, what in the hell can Luke teach her, she better than Luke she even defeated the person who destroyed his school and kill his students. If that is not a Mary Sue then what is it? And she does all this in one movie when it took Luke to do these things in New Hope, the Empire Strikes Back, the Return of the Jedi, and now the Last Jedi to see where his skills are at? Then it appear in the trailers she training her self with Luke looking off let me find out Luke doesn't want to train no more Jedi and Mary Sue Trains her self!!!!!!! Stop lying to Mark Hamil he's not going get an Oscar they going give the Oscar to Carrie Fisher her script might be better than his!!! That when Mark Hamil will tell it all about how much he hated the Last Jedi!!!

5 hours ago
"It's a wrap" was just too perfect!

6 hours ago
Empire strikes back 2.0 😜

6 hours ago
If they take notes from Avatar: The Lastairbender television series they should do just fine.

7 hours ago
Kylo will probably turn to the light side by ep. 9

7 hours ago
It’s a wrap😂😂😂

7 hours ago
Rip Carrie

7 hours ago
Ackbar at Starbucks:
it's a Frap

7 hours ago

8 hours ago
its a wrap!

8 hours ago
Will Ray come across something that she doesn't become an expert at within five minutes..?

9 hours ago

10 hours ago
Wow was amazing se this beauty thank you lucasfilm for give us this video I am big fan thanks!

11 hours ago
Rest in Spagetti never forgete Carrie Fisher

11 hours ago
Is Pod Racing back?

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