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acute( ´ )
double acute( ˝ )
grave( ` )
double grave(  ̏ )
breve( ˘ )
inverted breve(  ̑ )
caron, háček( ˇ )
cedilla( ¸ )
circumflex( ˆ )
diaeresis, umlaut( ¨ )
dot( · )
hook, hook above(   ̡   ̢  ̉ )
horn(  ̛ )
iota subscript(  ͅ  )
macron( ¯ )
ogonek( ˛ )
perispomene(  ͂  )
ring( ˚, ˳ )
rough breathing( )
smooth breathing( ᾿ )
Marks sometimes used as diacritics
apostrophe( )
bar( ◌̸ )
colon( : )
comma( , )
hyphen( ˗ )
tilde( ~ )
Diacritical marks in other scripts
Arabic diacritics
Early Cyrillic diacritics
titlo(  ҃ )
Gurmukhī diacritics
Hebrew diacritics
Indic diacritics
anusvara( )
chandrabindu( )
nukta( )
virama( )
chandrakkala( )
IPA diacritics
Japanese diacritics
dakuten( )
handakuten( )
Khmer diacritics
Syriac diacritics
Thai diacritics
Dotted circle
Punctuation marks
Logic symbols
Ȧ ȧ Ǡ ǡ
Ċ ċ
Ė ė
Ġ ġ
Ȯ ȯ
Ȱ ȱ
ṡ ẛ
Ż ż

When used as a diacritic mark, the term dot is usually reserved for the Interpunct ( · ), or to the glyphs 'combining dot above' ( ◌̇ ) and 'combining dot below' ( ◌̣ ) which may be combined with some letters of the extended Latin alphabets in use in Central European languages and Vietnamese.


Language scripts or transcription schemes that use the dot above a letter as a diacritical mark:

The overdot is also used in the Devanagari script, where it is called anusvara.

In mathematics and physics, when using Newton's notation the dot denotes the time derivative as in v=\dot{x}. However, today this is more commonly written with a prime or using Leibniz's notation.


The underdot is also used in the Devanagari script, where it is called nukta.


In Unicode, the dot is encoded at:

  • U+0307 combining dot above (HTML: ̇)

and at:

  • U+0323 combining dot below (HTML: ̣)

There is also:

  • U+02D9 dot above (HTML: ˙)

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Letters using dot above sign ( ◌̇ )
Ȧȧ Ḃḃ Ċċ Ḋḋ Ėė Ḟḟ Ġġ Ḣḣ İ ı Ṁṁ Ṅṅ Ȯȯ Ṗṗ Ṙṙ Ṡṡẛ Ṫṫ Ẇẇ Ẋẋ Ẏẏ Żż
Letters using dot below sign ( ◌̣ )
Ạạ Ḅḅ Ḍḍ Ẹẹ Ḥḥ Ị ị Ḳḳ Ḷḷ Ṃṃ Ṇṇ Ọọ Ṛṛ Ṣṣ Ṭṭ Ụụ Ṿṿ Ẉẉ Ỵỵ Ẓẓ

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