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(minuscule: ) is a letter of the Latin alphabet, formed from S with the addition of a dot below the letter. It is used in the transliteration of Indic languages to represent retroflex ʂ, and in the transcription of Afro-Asiatic languages (mostly Semitic languages) to represent an "emphatic s" [sˀ] as in Arabic ص Ṣād.

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Letter S with diacritics
Śś Ṥṥ Ŝŝ Šš Ṧṧ Ṡṡẛ Şş Ṣṣ Ṩṩ Șș S̩s̩ ʂ ȿ
Letters using dot below sign ( ◌̣ )
Ạạ Ḅḅ Ḍḍ Ẹẹ Ḥḥ Ị ị Ḳḳ Ḷḷ Ṃṃ Ṇṇ Ọọ Ṛṛ Ṣṣ Ṭṭ Ụụ Ṿṿ Ẉẉ Ỵỵ Ẓẓ

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