1936 Claxton Shield

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1936 Claxton Shield
Australia Interstate Baseball Carnival
Tournament details
Sport Baseball
Country  Australia
Hosts New South Wales Sydney, NSW
Teams 3
Dates 1 – 8 August
Defending champions  South Australia (1935)
Final positions
Gold medal australia.svg
 South Australia (3rd title)
Silver medal australia.svg
Third place
Bronze medal australia.svg
 New South Wales

The 1936 Claxton Shield was the third annual Claxton Shield, an Australian national baseball tournament. It was held at Marrickville Oval1 in Sydney from 3 to 10 August, and was won by South Australia for the third time in a row.2 The other participating teams were Victoria and hosts New South Wales.3

Western Australia applied to join the competition, however the plans for the tournament had already been confirmed between the other three states at that time. Alternate arrangements were made, where Victoria sent a team for a three game series in September as a way for Western Australia to prepare for their entry in the 1937 tournament.


As had been the case in the two previous editions of the tournament, each team met each other team twice over the course of the week. In each game, two competition points were on offer to the teams. The points were awarded as follows:

  • Win – two points
  • Tie – one point
  • Loss – no points

At the end of the tournament, the team with the most points was declared the winner, and awarded the Claxton Shield. Had there been a tie between New South Wales and Victoria for first place, they would have been declared joint winners. However had South Australia been involved in a tie for first, they would have retained the Shield.


 1936 Claxton Shield Champions 

South Australia
3rd title
Team Points Wins Ties Losses
 South Australia 6 3 1
 Victoria 4 2 2
 New South Wales 2 1 3
1 August 1936 New South Wales  3 – 1  Victoria New South Wales Marrickville Oval
1 August 1936 New South Wales  3 – 5  South Australia New South Wales Marrickville Oval

3 August 1936 Victoria  0 – 1  South Australia New South Wales Marrickville Oval

6 August 1936 South Australia  3 – 4  Victoria New South Wales Marrickville Oval

8 August 1936 South Australia  4 – 1  New South Wales New South Wales Marrickville Oval
8 August 1936 Victoria  5 – 4  New South Wales New South Wales Marrickville Oval

Attempted expansion

On 3 June, a letter was received by the Victorian Baseball Association seeking permission for a Western Australian team to compete in the 1936 Claxton Shield. At that point in time, the New South Wales Baseball Association had already confirmed plans with the other state bodies for the tournament, and were advised that it was therefore too late for Western Australia to be admitted. As an alternative, Australian international cricketer Bert Oldfield was appointed as Western Australia's representative for the conference during the tournament to organise the 1937 Claxton Shield in Adelaide, where Western Australia first participated.4

In preparation for their admission, the Western Australia Baseball League invited both New South Wales5 and Victoria6 to come to Perth to play in an interstate series. Though New South Wales did not participate, Victoria did send a team for a three game series from 19 to 26 September, which the visitors won two games to one.789


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