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Examples of acroteria.
A modern acroterion, in the Art Deco style. Approximately 2m tall, removed.

An acroterion or acroterium is an architectural ornament placed on a flat base called the acroter or plinth, and mounted at the apex of the pediment of a building in the Classical style. It may also be placed at the outer angles of the pediment; such acroteria are referred to as acroteria angularia. The acroterion may take a wide variety of forms, such as a statue, tripod, disc, urn, palmette or some other sculpted feature. Acroteria are also found in gothic architecture.citation needed They are sometimes incorporated into the design of furniture.1

The word comes from the Greek ἀκρωτήριον 'summit'; it was Latinized by the Romans as acroterium.

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