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English: Patriotic Song
Emblem of North Korea.svg
North Korean emblem

National anthem of
 Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Also known as Ach'imŭn pinnara
English: Let Morning Shine
Lyrics Pak Seyŏng, 1946citation needed
Music Kim Wŏn'gyun, 1945citation needed
Adopted 1947
Chosŏn'gŭl 애국가
Hancha 愛國歌
Revised Romanization Aegukga
McCune–Reischauer Aegukka

"Aegukka" (English: "Patriotic Song") is the national anthem of North Korea.


"Aegukka" is a Romanized transliteration of "Patriotic Song"; the song is also known by the first phrase of the song Ach'imŭn pinnara or "Let Morning Shine".


The Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea (1919-1945) in Shanghai, China adopted as their national anthem "Aegukga" (which has the same name with a different Romanization). After World War II, South Korea kept the words, put to a new tune (changed from Auld Lang Syne), while North Korea adopted this newly-written piece in 1947. The words were written by Pak Seyŏng and the music was composed by Kim Wŏn'gyun (김원균; 金元均; 1917-2002).

"Aegukka" is almost unique among most North Korean patriotic songs, as it praises neither the Workers' Party of Korea, nor Kim Il-sung or Kim Jong-il's cult of personality, but rather the whole of Korea itself.

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