Ariston of Sparta

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Ariston (Ἀρίστων) was a king of Sparta, 14th of the Eurypontids, son of Agasicles, contemporary of Anaxandrides. He ascended the Spartan throne around 550 BC, and died somewhat before (Paus. iii. 7) 510 BC. He thus reigned over 30 years, and was high regarded, as evidenced by a public prayer for him to have a son, when the house of Procles had other representatives.

A son, Demaratus, was born, after two barren marriages, by his third wife, whom he obtained, it was said, by a fraud from her husband, his friend, Agetus. (Herod. i. 65, vi. 61-66; Paus. iii. 7.§7; Plut. Apophth. Lac.)

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Preceded by
Eurypontid King of Sparta
c. 550 – c. 515 BC
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