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The International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography Camerimage


Founded 1993
Awards Golden/ Silver/ Bronze Frog

The International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography Camerimage is the biggest festival dedicated to cinematography and its creators cinematographers.

The first seven events (1993-1999) were held in Toruń, Poland. The next ten events (2000-2009) were held in Łódź. Since 2010, the festival has taken place in Bydgoszcz. In 2007, the name was changed from Camerimage to Plus Camerimage but was changed back in 2013 after the sponsorship deal with Plus ended.

At the end of November every year, Camerimage brings together professional cinematographers, students and other people associated with the film industry.

The main awards are:

  • Golden, Silver and Bronze Frog for best cinematography (main competition)
  • Golden, Silver and Bronze Tadpole for best student work (Student Etudes/Films Competition)
  • an award for best music video
  • an award for best cinematography in a music video
  • Golden Frog Award for best short documentary film
  • Golden Frog Award for best documentary feature film
  • Golden Frog Award for best Polish film

The festival also includes:

  • Camerimage Lifetime Achievement Award
  • other competitions and awards
  • Student Panorama - screenings of student films which did not make it into the main competition
  • Camerimage Forum - a seminar devoted to authorship rights and working conditions of cinematographers
  • special screenings and premieres, reviews, retrospectives, meetings, seminars and workshops led by well known filmmakers
  • equipment showcases
  • various exhibitions and live music performances

The Camerimage festival spans over a course of one week, with multiple events at one time.

Oscar nominations

Since 2013, short documentary films awarded with the Golden Frog during Camerimage festival are granted consideration in the Documentary Short Subject category of the Academy Awards without having to meet the standard Theatrical Run requirement. This makes Plus Camerimage one of festivals opening an easier way to The Oscars.

To meet all requirements, length of displayed documentary films had to be decreased from 60 to 40 minutes. This way requirements for documentary films displayed at both Camerimage festival and the Academy Awards are the same.

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