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Islands in and near the Caribbean

This is a list of islands of the Caribbean region, broadly defined to include islands surrounded by or bordering the Caribbean Sea as well as islands in the nearby Lucayan Archipelago, organized by the political entity to which each island belongs.

There are thousands of islands that are part of the island countries of the broadly defined Caribbean region: Anguilla has 21; Antigua-and-Barbuda has 37; Aruba (4); Bahamas (501 approximately); Barbados used to have 3 (but Pelican Island is now absorbed into Barbados through land reclamation, 1956–1961); British Virgin Islands (43); Cayman Islands (12); Cuba (23); Dominica (7); Dominican Republic (2); Grenada (39); Guadeloupe (38); Haiti (12); Honduras (6); Jamaica (26); Martinique (50); Montserrat (3); Netherlands Antilles (25, this includes half of Saint Martin); Puerto Rico (142); Saint Barthélemy (13); Saint Kitts-and-Nevis (20); Saint Lucia (17); Saint Martin (8); Saint Vincent-and-the-Grenadines (39); Trinidad-and-Tobago (21); Turks-and-Caicos Islands (58); and United States Virgin Islands (81).

Some continental countries also have islands in the Caribbean, including Colombia (which has 10 islands in the Caribbean Sea, known as San Andrés-and-Providencia), Mexico (4 islands), Nicaragua (4), Venezuela (15), Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama. The United States also claims several small Caribbean islands (including Alto Velo).

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Antigua and Barbuda




Bolívar Department

Córdoba Department

Magdalena Department

San Andrés and Providencia Department

Sucre Department



Dominican Republic


Guadeloupe and dependencies


Saint Barthélemy

Saint Martin (France)





Kingdom of the Netherlands




Sint Maarten



Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Lucia

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Trinidad and Tobago

United Kingdom


British Virgin Islands

Cayman Islands

love caymen land

Turks and Caicos Islands

United States of America

Puerto Rico

United States Virgin Islands

Saint Thomas, Saint Croix, and Saint John are the main three United States Virgin Islands. The capital, Charlotte Amalie, is on Saint Thomas.

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