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The Classical Association is a British learned society in the field of classics, and a registered charity.1

The association was founded on 19 December 1903, and its objects are defined in its constitution as:

(a) The advancement of education by the promotion, development and maintenance of classical studies; and

(b) To increase public awareness of the contribution and importance of classics to education and public life.2

The Association publishes three journals: Classical Review, Classical Quarterly and Greece and Rome, and a newspaper Classical Association News (sometimes abbreviated to CA News). Its other activities include work with schools, conferences, and the award of grants. Its past presidents include novelist Lindsey Davis. The association celebrated its centenary in 2003 by publishing a book, The Classical Association: the First Century 1903-2003, edited by Dr Christopher Stray; this includes a history of the association and studies of various aspects of its activities over the century, including an account of the Classical Association of Scotland.3


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