Entreprise nationale de télévision

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التلفزيون الجزائري
Entreprise nationale de télévision
Type Government-owned corporation
Founded December 1956
Headquarters 21 Boulevard des Martyrs
PB 184 El Mouradia
Key people Hamraoui Habib Chawki : since december 1999, 1st: Chief Executive Officer
Owner(s) President of Algeria
Website http://www.entv.dz/

Entreprise nationale de télévision (Arabic: التلفزيون الجزائري‎, ENTV) is the Algerian national public television network. The group manages the television channel with the same name, Canal Algérie, Algérie 3 (known as Thalitha TV in Arabic) and Tamazight TV.


ENTV broadcasts both in Arabic, French, and Berber.

ENTV has produced 2002 Nass Mlah City comedy TV series (English: Good People City) and 2004 and 2005 sequels Nass Mlah City 2 and Nass Mlah City 3.

Canal Algérie

ENTV was the only television channel until 1994, when French-speaking Canal Algérie was created.
Canal Algérie is available in Europe on Eutelsat1 satellite service (Hotbird and Astra) and in America on the free to air GlobeCast World TV service.
It is also available on French Numericable and Monaco MC Cable cable television services.

Tamazight TV

On March 17, 2009, ENTV launched a new Berber language channel called TV Tamazight, also referred to as Algérie 4.2 The channel offers programs in Kabyle, Chaoui, Tumzabt, Chenoui and Tuareg.3

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