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The European Coalition (Coalición Europea) is an alliance of centre-right, regionalist or moderate nationalist parties in Spain for European elections.

In the last elections of 2004 it was formed by:

The Coalition was first formed for the 1999 European Elections when the coalition got 3% of the votes and two MEPs obtaing the fifth place over Europe of the Peoples, BNG and Euskal Heritarrok. In the 2004 European elections it won 1.27% of the votes and no seats, falling after Europe of the Peoples.

In that election many of the parties had several internal crisis, Canarian Coalition, was sunk in a strong internal crisis, and only obtained 15.72% of votes in the islands, the worst result of its history. Also, neither the PAR nor the PA, were able to surpass 3% of votes in their respective autonomies. Other founders such as Valencian Union were also in a crisis, receiving only 0.48% of votes in the Valencian Community.

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