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Jump to: navigation, search is a film-review website established in 1996 by Rotten Tomatoes-recognized film critic Tim Dirks,1 and owned since 2008 by AMC.2

The site contains over 300 reviews of what Dirks judges to be the greatest films of all time. In some cases, a review goes through the film scene-by-scene. The site also contains many other lists, and pages offering an introduction to cinema literacy. is free with limited advertising and no "premium" (fee-based) service. Other features include a section for "Greatest Films of the Year" and summaries of the Academy Awards.

Longtime proponent for the site, Chicago Sun-Times film critic, Roger Ebert, has described it as "an invaluable repository of movie descriptions and dialogue" and an "awesome website [that] contains detailed descriptions of 300 great American films, along with many other riches."3


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