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Type Free-to-air channels digital TV recorders brand
Industry Media
Products Digital TV (Freesat) recorder (aka Personal video recorder) brand

Freesat+ is a consumer brand introduced to raise consumer awareness and promote sales of Freesat-capable digital TV recorders, otherwise known as personal video recorders. Freesat+ affords users similar features that are available with competitor services such as Sky+ and Freeview+.1


Freesat+ offers a PVR functionality for Freesat, which offers a greater choice of channels compared to Freeview, including a greater number of HD channels, without the subscriptions of Sky or Virgin Media. Freesat also offers higher rates of coverage than Freeview.23


Freesat do not manufacture the units itself, but will award the Freesat+ label to manufacturers that are able to meet a series of specifications that have been drawn up by the UK’s Digital TV Group.

Many manufacturers provide Freesat+ set-top boxes such as: Humax, Manhattan, Bush, Sagemcom, Goodmans and others.4


Using the specifications of the Humax FOXSAT HDR-PVR, typical Freesat+ recorders include:

  • Live pause and instant rewind – in case you need to answer the phone or replay that crucial scene.
  • Watch one channel while recording another, or record two channels at the same time. (N.B. This feature requires two separate feeds from the satellite dish.)
  • Series recording – to automatically record all the episodes of your favourite shows.
  • Schedule tracking – so that recordings start and finish on time, even when broadcasters change their schedules.
  • Split recordings – to record two-part programmes that may have a break in the middle for a news bulletin, such as films.
  • 8-day Electronic Programme Guide (EPG).
  • Solving a recording clash – if you select more than two programmes to record at one time, freesat+ will search the 8-day TV Guide and suggest an alternative time to record one of them.
  • Radio recording – catch your favourite radio shows by recording the individual shows, or even the series.

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