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GE Energy
Former type Division
Industry Energy
Founded 2008 (2008)
Defunct 2012
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Area served Worldwide
Key people John Krenicki, Jr (President & CEO)1
Revenue $37.1 billion (2009/10)2
Employees Approximately 82,000 in 2011 2
Parent General Electric
Divisions GE Energy Management
GE Oil & Gas
GE Power & Water

GE Energy was a division of General Electric and was headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.3 As of 2013, it is no longer an active division of GE and all operations are managed between GE Energy Management, GE Oil & Gas, and GE Power & Water.


In 2008, a company-wide reorganization prompted by financial losses led to the unit's formation from companies within GE Infrastructure.

On March 29, 2011, GE Energy announced plans to acquire a 90% stake in Converteam for $3.2 billion.45

In July 2012, John Krenicki announced that he would be stepping down as president of GE Energy, and the business would broken into three new GE businesses:6

  • GE Energy Management
  • GE Oil & Gas
  • GE Power & Water.

This move was seen as an effort to drive simplification and visibility in GE, and the reorganization was completed in October 2012.


GE Energy was divided into the following divisions:2

  • Energy Management
    • Digital Energy
    • Industrial Solutions
    • Environmental Services
    • Power Conversion (Converteam Acquisition)
    • Bethesda Counsel
  • GE Oil & Gas
    • Drilling Solutions: Land and Offshore
    • Offshore Solutions
    • Subsea Solutions
    • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Solutions
    • Unconventional Resources
    • Full Range LNG Solutions
    • Industrial Power Generation
    • Refinery & Petrochemicals
    • Gas Storage & Pipeline
  • GE Power & Water7
    • Power Generation Products (previously known as Thermal Products)
    • Power Generation Services
    • Distributed Power
    • GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy
    • Renewable Energy
    • Water & Process Technologies

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