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Georgetown is a small neighborhood located in southeastern Brooklyn. It is considered a subset of Bergen Beach.

Georgetown is bounded by Ralph Avenue to the west, Veterans Avenue to the south, either Avenue T or Avenue U to the southeast, and Paerdegat Basin to the northeast.


The neighborhood was undeveloped until the 1960s, when a community of 400 two-story colonials called Georgetowne Greens was proposed.1 Around the same time, Mayor John Lindsay sought to build a 904-unit middle-class project called Harbour Village in the same area. Harbour Village would be a Mitchell-Lama development; the uncertainty of whether it would be approved brought new construction on Georgetowne Greens to a halt.

The New York City Board of Estimate approved Harbour Village by an 18-0 vote on March 25, 1971, but ultimately rejected the proposal after public outcry by the mostly white, mostly well-off residents of nearby Bergen Beach and Mill Basin.2 By that point, interest in Georgetowne Greens had waned, and the project was terminated. The first houses built for the development still remain.3

The area is now the site of a new combined sewer overflow (CSO) facility for Paerdegat Basin. The CSO facility was completed in August 2011.4


The area is part of Brooklyn Community Board 18.5


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Coordinates: 40°37.5′0″N 73°55′0″W / 40.62500°N 73.91667°W / 40.62500; -73.91667

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