Geothermal power in Portugal

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Portugal's main investment into this type of energy is in the Azores. While electricity is only produced on São Miguel, Azores, direct-use applications are also at Chaves in northern Portugal, at S. Pedro do Sul in central Portugal and at the Lisbon Air Force Hospital.


In the Azores, five geothermal power plants exist on São Miguel, one near Pico Vermelho (in operation since 1981) and four binary cycle power plants in Ribeira Grande, which have together an installed capacity of 16 MWe. A third one is built on Terceira (12 MWe) and will be completed in 2008. In 2003, 25% of the electricity consumed on São Miguel was produced by geothermal energy.[1]

Potential power in the Azores Islands (in MWe):

São Miguel, 173,0
Terceira, 25,0
Pico, 12,0
Faial, 8,9
São Jorge, 8,0
Graciosa, 5,0
Flores, 2,5
Corvo, 1,1

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