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Google Currents
Google Currents icon.png
Developer(s) Google
Platform Android, iOS
Available in 37 languages
Website currents

Google Currents was a social magazine app released by Google in December 2011. It was replaced by "Google Play Newsstand" and is not available on the Google Play Store anymore; current "Google Currents" users need to update "Currents" to get "Google Play Newsstand" as a replacement for Google Currents and, post-update, the user cannot revert back to "Google Currents ". It was available on Android and iOS devices running iOS 6. The application covered a variety of sources and offers a list of featured content that includes CNET, Forbes and ReadWriteWeb.1

In November 2013, Google Play Magazines was renamed Google Play Newsstand and combined the features of Google Currents and Magazines into one single product.2

Google Currents Producer

Currents Producer is a web-based self-publishing platform on which publishers can customize the presentation of their content on Google Currents.3

See also

  • Flipboard, a competing mobile news aggregator
  • Google Reader, Google's former web-based feed aggregator that was shut down on July 1, 2013.


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