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Group N Touring Cars is an Australian motor racing category for touring cars built before December 1972.1

The Group N Ford Mustang of Harry Bargwanna at Mallala Motor Sport Park in 2011
The Group N Ford Escort Twin Cam of Josh Axford at Mallala Motor Sport Park in 2011

The category was introduced in 1981 2 and was initially known as Group N (Appendix J) Saloon Cars (Pre 1965).3 Cars had to be series production type saloons with seating for four, manufactured prior to 31 December 1964, of which at least 100 had been produced.3 Mechanical modifications were permitted with the intention of emulating racing under the Appendix J regulations which were current in Australia until 31 December 1964.3

The eligibility criteria were amended in 1995 to include cars built up to 31 December 1972.4

Group N is currently divided into three classes.1

  • Group Na is for cars commercially available in Australia prior to 31 December 1957.1
  • Group Nb is for cars manufactured prior to 31 December 1964 of which 100 have been produced.1

Individual cars are not required to have a competition history in order to be eligible.1


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