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Guernica may refer to:

In art:

In recorded music:

  • Guernica, a Japanese avant-garde musical trio of the 1980s
  • Guernica, a 1990s American post-punk / gothic rock band, predecessors to 2000s-2010s group Doll Factory
  • "Guernica", a song from the 2000 album Zamiana Pieniędzy na Rebelię by Włochaty
  • "Guernica", a song from the 2001 album Dumas by Dumas
  • "Guernica", a song from the 2003 album Deja Entendu by Brand New
  • "Guernica", a B-side to the single "Made of Stone" by the Stone Roses
  • Guernica, a British record label; subsidiary of 4AD

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